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December 4, 2017

New Pictures of Ursula Haverbeck, the appealing German grandmother

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I am officially dubbing Ursula the appealing German Grandmother.  There is no new news about her, but new very appealing photos of her are appearing in the various news articles reporting on her recent appeal.

Ursula looks happy and appealing as she enters the courtroom in this image from Yeshiva World.  Notice her fashionable brown overcoat.

Ursula Haverbeck im Landgericht Detmold

Ursula looks very appealing wearing her red vest in her Spiegel photo.  Notice the brown coat draped over her chair.

The last link above is to a German language article.

You can read more articles and see more pictures of appealing Ursula by following this link below.

December 2, 2017

New Ursula Haverbeck photo!

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Deutschland Zwei Jahre Haft für Holocaust-Leugnerin Haverbeck | ARCHIV (picture-alliance/dpa/C. Jasper)

Ursula looks so sad!  She has lost another appeal.  This photo appears to be a file photo, because her outfit does not match other photos of her November 28th, 2017 court appearance.

On  Nov 28, 2017 Deutsche Welle had another article about Ursula Haverbeck which you can read in full here:

Begin quote

Haverbeck has been handed several jail terms but has yet to be jailed….

…the 89-year-old woman lost her appeal to a prior conviction on Tuesday. However, four months were shaved off her original conviction of 18 months. Prosecutors wanted the sentence upheld, [but] Haverbeck’s lawyers were seeking exoneration…..

This Tuesday’s appeal verdict is not final, either. Haverbeck’s lawyers intend to take the case to the Higher Regional Court in the town of Hamm, their last chance to challenge the sentence.

End Quote

You can click on the link above to read many other articles that  I have written about Haverbeck.  Notice in two other more recent articles about the events of November 28th, 2017 she is wearing a different outfit than in the picture above which appears to be a file photo.

November 29, 2017

“Nazi Grandmother” gets jail term

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You can read the latest about “the Nazi grandmother” in today’s [November 29th 2017] BBC news article:

The following quote is from the news article:

Begin quote

Ursula Haverbeck, dubbed the “Nazi Grandma”, has been convicted several times but is yet to spend time in jail.

She was first given a jail term last year but received additional punishment for handing out pamphlets repeating her beliefs to those attending court.

Under German law, Holocaust denial constitutes a crime and carries a sentence of up to five years in jail.

Haverbeck and her late husband were members of the Nazi party during the Second World War.

The pair founded a now-banned education centre and she has written for a right-wing magazine where she has argued that the Holocaust never happened.

Haverbeck was initially sentenced to eight months in jail in 2016 after she claimed Auschwitz was not a concentration camp, in a letter to the mayor of the German town of Detmold.

But after giving the judge and prosecutors leaflets entitled “Only the truth will set you free” during the appeal session she was given ten additional months of imprisonment. Her overall sentence was reduced to 14 months.

She has been convicted on five other occasions for similar charges of incitement of racial hatred, but she has remained free as her lawyers appealed.

Her lawyers plan on taking the case to a top regional court for a final appeal against the jail term.

End quote

I admire this woman for writing the truth, even though it caused her to be sent to prison. Thank God that I live in the USA and not in Germany — I would be right there in a prison cell beside her, if I lived in Germany.

Don’t worry — my blog can not be read in Germany.  I have blogged about Ursula in many other posts which you can read by following the link below.

My most recent post about her was on November 27th.  The BBC does not mention that Ursula’s appeal was recently postponed according that earlier article.

November 27, 2017

Ursula Haverbeck’s appeal has been postponed.

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Ursula Haverbeck appearing in court (picture-alliance/dpa/P. Zinken)

Ursula is very beautiful.

Look at the photo above. Ursula might be too good looking to go to jail.

On November 23rd 2017 Ursula Haverbeck’s appeal was postponed again.

You can read the story in full in the news article below.

Begin quote from Nov 23rd DW news article:

A German court was due to make a decision on Thursday in the appeal of an 89-year-old woman convicted of incitement to racial hatred on multiple occasions. Her appeal, however, has once more been postponed…..

So far, she has not served any prison time, having appealed the sentences on each occasion and with proceedings ongoing and repeatedly postponed in each case.

End quote

Ursula Haverbeck in court

Ursula looks fantastic for a woman her age

Her blog appears to be down for now.

I have written blog posts about Haverbeck until I am blue in the face. You can read them here:

Does anybody else have any more recent news about her case?  Or perhaps want to leave a favorite video of her in the comments?

October 18, 2017

German woman convicted of Holocaust denial again

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Ursula Haverbeck

Will someone please prove to this old lady that there really were gas chambers at Auschwitz and other camps, and get her to shut up. Of course, there were gas chambers used for killing Jews — why would anyone deny this? (Just kidding)

I happen to be one of the few people who has ever seen a real gas chamber. When I was in the 4th grade, my school took me and my classmates to Jefferson City, Missouri to see a real gas chamber. It was a two-seater, where two people could be gassed at one time. You can see a photo of the Misssouri gas chamber by clicking on the link below:

The Nazi gas chambers were large rooms where hundreds of Jews could be gassed at one time. Or were these chambers used to store dead bodies of Jews who had died of disease?

My photo of gas chamber ruins at Auschwitz

I have a section on my website about the gas chamber ruins at Auschwitz:



October 1, 2017

Is Ursula Haversbeck blogging from jail?

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Someone posted to Ursula Haversbeck’s Blog on October 1.  Is she blogging from jail or is she still free, waiting for her appeals to run out?

Begin Haversbeck reblog

Neue Gerichtstermine für Ursula Haverbeck (2017)

Am 16. Oktober 2017:

Amtsgericht Berlin-Tiergarten (Turmstraße 91, 10559 Berlin)
Beginn ist um 11:00 Uhr
Verfahren wegen Volksverhetzung (§130 StGB)


Am 23. November 2017:

Landgericht Detmold (Paulinenstraße 46, 32756 Detmold)
Beginn ist um 12:30 Uhr
Berufungsverfahren wegen Volksverhetzung (§130 StGB)


End Haversbeck reblog.

For those of your who prefer English, here is a link to her blog translated by google translate into English.

Begin reblog of Haversbeck blog in English

New Court of Justice for Ursula Haverbeck (2017)

On October 16, 2017:

District Court Berlin-Tiergarten (Turmstraße 91, 10559 Berlin)
The start is at 11:00
Proceedings for incitement to the people (§130 StGB)

On 23 November 2017:

District Court Detmold (Paulinenstraße 46, 32756 Detmold)
The start is at 12:30
Appeals for clandestine incitement (§130 StGB)

End Reblog in English

September 7, 2017

Ursula Haverbeck is back in the news

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Ursula Haverbeck

Ursula Haverbeck is a famous Holocaust denier. She won’t stop denying, no matter how many times she is sent to prison.


July 3, 2017

Ursula Haverbeck

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The above Video is about Ursula Haverbeck.  Much of it is in German with English subtitles.

[Her name is also spelled as Ursala.]

The video is around 10 minutes in length; it is a little bit too long, so  I have made a link to 2 minutes and 13 seconds into the video, where Ursula actually starts speaking German with English subtitles.

Visit her German Language web site:

This blog post was inspired by a comment to my article “Old Ladies Don’t Blog or do they?” 

I have written two previous blog posts about Ursula Haverbeck getting into trouble with the law:

November 13, 2015

87-year-old Ursula Haverbeck convicted of Holocaust denial in Germany

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Ursula Haverbeck

Ursula Haverbeck

This quote is from a news article, which you can read in full here:

BERLIN – An 87-year-old German woman who is a prominent neo-Nazi has been convicted of Holocaust denial and sentenced to 10 months in prison.

Bild newspaper reported Friday that Ursula Haverbeck says she will appeal Thursday’s Hamburg state court verdict.

Haverbeck was charged earlier this year after giving an interview outside the trial of former SS Sgt. Oskar Groening claiming Auschwitz wasn’t a death camp.

When she challenged the presiding judge in Hamburg to prove it was, Bild reports that he said he wouldn’t debate someone who “can’t accept any facts,” adding “I also don’t have to prove to you the world is round.”

Groening, who gave lengthy testimony on how the death camp functioned, was convicted of 300,000 counts of accessory to murder for the Jews killed while he was there.

What is wrong with this woman? She is 87 years old, living in Germany, and she doesn’t know that it is as sure that the Auschwitz was a death camp, as it is sure that the earth is round.

Ursula is a harmless old lady, who looks like a nun.  She should be allowed to say whatever she wants.  What’s the harm?

The news article says that Haverbeck claimed that the Auschwitz camp was not a death camp.  Actually, that is correct. Auschwitz (the main camp) was not a death camp; the death camp was Auschwitz-Birkenau.  The Auschwitz main camp had a gas chamber but it was unworkable.

My photo of the Krema I gas chamber in the main Auschwitz camp

My photo of Krema I gas chamber in Auschwitz camp

You can read about the alleged gas chamber in the main Auschwitz camp on my website at

Ursula should demand that the judge go to the Auschwitz main camp, put some live animals into the gas chamber and gas them with Zyklon-B pellets thrown through the holes on the roof.

The door into the oven room, that is right next to the Auschwitz gas chamber, has been removed so that tourists can enter from the oven room and proceed into the gas chamber.  That opening would have to be closed up, if the alleged gas chamber is tested.

Actually, nothing has to be proved by the prosecution in a German trial of a Holocaust denier.  The Germans have a long word, which I can’t remember, which means that the Holocaust is a fact that does not have to be proved.

ournalists gather outside the courtroom after a verdict in the case of former SS officer Oskar Groening on July 15, 2015 at court in Lueneburg, northern Germany. Photo: AFP PHOTO / TOBIAS SCHWARZ

Journalists gather outside the courtroom after a verdict in the case of former SS officer Oskar Groening on July 15, 2015 at court in Lueneburg, northern Germany. Photo: AFP PHOTO / TOBIAS SCHWARZ

Note that the building in the photo above is the Lueneburg courthouse where the trial of the Bergen-Belsen war criminals was held after World War II.

The moral of this story is the following:  Don’t open your mouth and start denying the Holocaust in front of a courthouse where war criminals have been historically  tried and automatically convicted.  In fact, don’t speak about the Holocaust at all when you are in Germany which is not a free country.

June 9, 2015

Holocaust denier Ursala Haverbeck in trouble again in Germany

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Ursala Haverbeck

Ursala Haverbeck

You can read about Ursala Haverbeck, a German citizen, in this old news article:

She is in the news again:

The old news article cited above includes a statement allegedly made by Sir Hartley Shawcross.  I blogged about this statement on these two previous blog posts:

The problem with the Jews in Germany all started with Der Dolchstoss which you can read about here:

Wikipedia has the following information about Ursala Haverbeck:

In November 2014 Haverbeck lodged a complaint against the Central Council of Jews. She threw the Association “persecution of innocent people” ago. The procedure was established in early December 2014 reinstated. The Bielefeld prosecutor finally considered a case against them for false accusation.[13]

In March 2015 she again denied the Holocaust in the NDR broadcast Panorama. She described the Holocaust as a “sustainable lie in history”[14][15][16][17] Her home was subsequently searched by German police to seize evidence for possible criminal charges.[18]