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June 28, 2017

Global “Ransomware” attacks

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This morning, when I read the latest news on my computer, I was horrified to learn that there is now something called “ransomware”.

The following quote is from a news article which you can read in full at

Begin quote from news article

What Is Ransomware?

Ransomware is one of the most popular forms of online attack today. It typically begins with attackers sending their victims an email that includes a link or a file that appears innocuous but contains dangerous malware.

• Once a victim clicks on the link or opens the attachment, the computer becomes infected. The program encrypts the computer, essentially locking the user out of files, folders and drives on that computer. In some cases, the entire network the computer is connected to can become infected.

• The victim then receives a message demanding payment in exchange for attackers unlocking the system. The payment is usually requested in Bitcoin, a form of digital currency.

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After learning about this latest computer problem, I quickly consulted a man who is a computer expert. He told me not to worry because my blog is backed up by WordPress, the company which hosts my blog. My website is backed up by the company that hosts my website.

I would advise all my readers to consult a computer expert, whom you trust, and then get everything on your computer safely backed up. If you fail to do this, you could be getting a call soon with a request for a payment of $300.