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September 21, 2017

How many people know what an SOS signal is?

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Today I was testing a whistle which I always carry with me in case I need help. I blew the whistle inside my house, where a door and one window were open. Although I blew the whistle several times, no one came to the open door, nor to the open window, to see what was going on.

During the time when I was blowing the whistle, I could see people passing my house. No one paid any attention.

The SOS signal is 3 longs, two shorts, and 3 longs. Good luck getting someone to come to your aid.

So what should you do when you need help. Call 911 of course. If you call 911 and say that you are just testing, you might be arrested, so I don’t recommend this.

What is the difference between an e-mail server and an e-mail account?

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Today I picked up my reserved copy of Hillary’s book at the book store. I rushed home and immediately started reading it.

Instead of starting on page 1, I went to the index and found the chapter entitled “Those Damn Emails”. [Those damned E-mails]

But first I looked up the definition of an e-mail server and found this:

Begin quote

An e-mail server is a computer running software that manages the storage and routing of e-mail.

When you send e-mail from your PC or from Yahoo, it is collected by a mail server or router for distribution across the network.

E-mail is exchanged between mail servers and routers using a protocol called ESMTP (Extended Simple Mail Transfer Protocol).

Once the e-mail arrives at the e-mail server you
get your e-mail from, it is indexed into your address’ storage and waits for you to retrieve it. The e-mail server allows you (actually, your e-mail account) to receive e-mail even if your computer is not on the network.

Then, you retrieve your e-mail from the server. If you are using Yahoo! Mail, the mail sits on the e-mail server and is displayed to you using the Web-based mail reader. If you use another e-mail program, it could be retrieved from the server via the POP3 protocol or the IMAP protocol and transferred to your e-mail reader. Microsoft Exchange e-mail servers have their own protocols.

End quote

The following quote is from Hillary’s book – the chapter entitled “Those Damn Emails”

Begin quote:

Imagine you are a kid sitting in history class thirty years from now learning about the 2016 presidential election, which brought to power the least experienced, least knowledgeable, least competent President our country has ever had. Something must have gone horribly wrong you think. Then you hear that one issue dominated press coverage and public debate in that race more than any other. “Climate change?” you ask. Health care? “No, your teacher responds, “Emails.”

End quote

What Hillary fails to explain in her book is that when you have a private e-mail server, you can see where your e-mail is really coming from and not from where it is pretending to come from.

Many years ago, when I was a recruiter, specializing in recruiting engineers for my client companies, I would get e-mail from someone claiming to be Joe Blow, but I could see that the e-mail was really coming from another recruiter who was trying to steal my client companies away from me. That’s the reason for having a private e-mail server — you know where your e-mail is really coming from.

Here is the definition of an e-mail server:

[An e-mail server is] A computer (and/or the software running on that computer) that:

(1) Stores email addressed to the users of that system as they arrive until such time as the user retrieves/deletes it

(2) Processes outbound messages and sends them out for delivery

You can read another review of Hillary’s book at

The following quote is from the review of Hillary’s book:

Begin quote

In the end, Clinton simply does not have the right tools to tell her own story. Many critics are upset that she spends her book blaming her defeat on Bernie Sanders and James Comey and Russia and everyone but herself. What did you expect? Her book could never have been anything else. This is crystallized in one minor but telling detail: Occasionally, she refers to a “now” in which the reader reads, a “now” that’s explicitly identified as late 2017. What Happened is not meant to last; it’s not meant to be pored over for years to come. It exists in the provisional present of politics. It’s a campaign book, written after the fact.

End quote

Update 6 pm today

After reading more of Hillary’s book, I now understand her. Hillary is a rich person who lives in a rich community and hob nobs with famous rich people. She is completely out of touch with the common people.





September 20, 2017

Only Auschwitz was Auschwitz

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My prize-winning photo of the Auschwitz gas chamber in the main Auschwitz camp

The title of my blog post today is a quote from Elie Wiesel who wrote:

Begin quote

Only Auschwitz was Auschwitz. I went to Yugoslavia when reporters said that there was a Holocaust starting there. There was genocide, but not an Auschwitz. When you make a comparison to the Holocaust it works both ways, and soon people will say what happened in Auschwitz was “only what happened in Bosnia.”

End quote

The above quote was used in an article which you can read in full at

I wrote about the Auschwitz gas chamber on my website in 1998 before I became a Holocaust denier.

I have a whole section about the Auschwitz gas chamber on my website at

The following quote is from the news article cited above:

Begin quote

It’s November 1938, and the Nazis have confiscated a silk factory owned by the same Jewish family for over a decade, arresting the owner.

Fast forward to 2014, and a state official has compared a Colorado Christian baker to the same group that took away what belonged to the Jewish silk factory owner—the father of my grandmother’s cousin, Godofredo.

This in a country founded by people who fled religious persecution.

While America, the country that mostly turned away Jews fleeing Adolf Hitler, is thankfully not on a course to repeat the Holocaust’s atrocities, some of its citizens have taken to comparing matters of individual freedom—such as a baker refusing to make a same-sex wedding cake—to the actions that led to the deaths of 11 million people, including 6 million Jews and 1.5 million children.


Look at that face!!!

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The face of Donald Trump

The first words spoken at the most recent convention to select the candidates for the presidential election were spoken by Donald Trump. The Donald was the first person to walk onto the stage at the convention. In his hateful remark, Trump was referring to Carly Fiorina, a Hewlett Packard executive, who had been chosen, by vote, to be the first speaker at the convention. As time goes on, the face of Donald Trump gets worse and worse.

Trump has already won the prize for the ugliest person in the world. How much worse can it get!


September 19, 2017

What the USHMM does not want you to know about Syria any more

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These three videos were suggested in an outstanding comment made on my blog by Hermie.  They were in response to a recent blog post I made that you can read here:

The video above was filmed at the USHM and the other two I believe Hermie provided for balance.

You can read all about it in the article titled:

Reporting on the Holocaust Museum’s Retracted Genocide Study

in Tablet Mag that I provided a link to above.

Begin quote from Tablet Magazine

Number of dead in Syria since the beginning of the war: 500,000.

Number of days since the Obama administration has been in power: 241.

Number of pages in a controversial United States Holocaust Museum report on Obama’s decision not to intervene to stop the genocide in Syria: 193.

Number of days it took the museum to pull the report: Eight.

Number of museum board members contacted by The New York Times: 63.

Number of them who commented on the record: 0.

Number of lawmakers who are museum trustees: Eight.

Number of them who would comment: 1 (“Of all the monuments and symbols in our nation’s capital, none has a more important message than the Holocaust museum,” [Orrin] Hatch said in a statement. “It would be a tragedy for that message to be even slightly diminished by partisan politics.”)

Number of words in the New York Times piece about it: 1,358.

Number of those words that are “Jew” or “Jewish”: 0.

End quote

New York Magazine published some links to the papers that have been taken down on September 7, 2017.  You can see them by following the link to their article below.

Here Is the Syria Report Withdrawn by the US Holocaust Museum

Begin quote from September 7th New York Magazine article

Last night, a source outside the Holocaust Museum sent Daily Intel the study, which consists of six separate papers. Below are links to PDFs of the six, with the first being a brief summary of the entire effort by Lawrence Woocher, who is the Simon-Skjodt Center’s research director.

1. Lawrence Woocher, “Missed Opportunities for Prevention?: A Study of U.S. Policy and Atrocities in Syria since 2011.”

2. Mona Yacoubian, “Critical Junctures in US Policy toward Syria: An Assessment of the Counterfactuals”

3. Andrew Kydd, “Subsidizing Rebels, Taxing Atrocities: Saving Lives in Civil Wars”

4. Ian Lustick, Miguel Garces, and Thomas McCauley, “An Agent-Based Model of Counterfactual Opportunities for Reducing Atrocities in Syria, 2011 – 2014”

5. Daniel Solomon, “Evaluating Counterfactual US Policy Action in Syria, 2011 – 2016: A Review of Empirical Evidence from Related Cases”

6. Lawrence Woocher, “A Survey of Expert Judgments on the Effects of Counterfactual US Actions on Civilian Fatalities in Syria, 2011 – 2016”

End quote



September 18, 2017

Oktoberfest Contest

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Click on the link in the photo above to hear a famous German song that is sung in beer joints. I have sung this song in German, in Germany. I have also danced to this song many times.

This is to announce a contest:  Winners will win by suggesting a German drinking song traditionally sung during Oktoberfest.

It has to be a song that I like enough to elevate from a comment to an outstanding comment, that has been elevated to the level of a blog post, in it’s own right, with the names of each winner announced!

US Holocaust Museum yanks Syrian Study.

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Sara J. Bloomfield, the director of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, is shown in the photo above.  Photo credit: Benjamin Myers/Reuters 17th NY Times article

Breaking news — read all about it in the link above.

Basically, the USHM has pulled its own report about the conflict in Syria because the report did not bow low enough to the Jews.

Begin Quote from September 17th New York Times article:

That characterization, echoed by other critics, incorrectly describes the report, according to several academics and Syria-watchers. They also said the study’s removal sets a troubling precedent for suppressing independent research.

“It’s absolutely shocking that they would pull a report simply because their supporters didn’t like the conclusions, which is the only way to interpret what they did,” said Marc Lynch, an international affairs professor at George Washington University and one of several experts interviewed by the study’s authors.

End Quote

If anybody archived the report and has a link to it, I would like to read about it in the comment section of this blog post.

September 17, 2017

Is Donald Trump off his rocker?

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To put it in other words: Is Trump bat crap crazy?

Recent photo of Donald Trump

According to this recent news article, Trump is mentally ill:

Begin quote from news article:

Only seven months into his puzzling presidency, Donald Trump has accomplished an odd achievement: He’s made Sigmund Freud relevant again. Although the father of psychoanalysis is no longer fashionable, the Freudian concept of psychological projection is alive and well.

“I think he’s crazy,” said Sen. Jack Reed, a Rhode Island Democrat, speaking into an open microphone about Trump. J. Brien Comey, father of fired FBI director Jim Comey, thinks Trump belongs “in an institution.” Conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin has questioned the president’s “mental stability.”

These aren’t isolated examples. Many prominent liberals, conservatives, moderates, and libertarians have concluded that the president is off his rocker. The tangible evidence for that proposition is thin, and Trump seems to be enjoying himself more and more. Maybe we’re all just projecting.

“Trump Derangement Syndrome” is the phrase used by those sympathetic to the president to explain liberals’ hair-on-fire response to anything Trump says or does. TDS is also an occupational hazard of being a member of the Republican establishment or a movement conservative who cares about such trite concepts as political principles.

This became clear again last week in the hysteria over Trump’s approach to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. In response to the administration’s original announcement rescinding DACA, liberals came unglued. Not content to call the decision dumb and racist, which they did, they played the sanity card. “It is lunacy,” opined Minnesota’s Democratic governor, Mark Dayton. The president, added HBO comedic pundit John Oliver, is out of his mind. “Utter insanity,” proclaimed Susan Hay, a co-ounder of a Florida-based pro-immigrant and refugee nonprofit.

That was then. A few days later, after dining on Chinese food (you can’t make this stuff up) at the White House with Democratic congressional leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, Trump reversed field on DACA. In the real world, such a development is called processing new information. In modern U.S. politics, it’s considered treason — or insanity. This time, it was conservatives who melted down. Ann Coulter pronounced it the death of the GOP brand; Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King, an immigration hardliner, claimed it would “crack” Trump’s core base of support; various commenters on conservative news sites theorized that Trump had been taken over by aliens. Not the illegal kind, the kind from outer space.

Since before Trump’s inauguration, Democratic attorneys in the nation’s capital have contemplated replacing Trump under the 25th Amendment’s requirement that the president is able to “discharge the powers and duties of his office,” i.e., impeaching him on grounds he’s intellectually incapacitated.

End quote

Trump has many supporters who love him. They don’t think that he is insane.

September 16, 2017

Donald Trump admired Hitler’s speeches, according to a news article

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A photo of Adolf Hitler in the early days; Heinrich Himmler is shown behind him.

Donald Trump admires Hitler’s speeches — so it is said.

Trump kept a copy of Hitler’s speeches near his bed, according to a news article which you can read in full at

On my website, I wrote about the speeches that Hitler made:

There is an old saying that Hitler was more loved by more people than any other man in history.  Trump is very wise to study Hitler’s speeches.


The famous stairs of death at Mauthausen

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My photo of the stairs of death at Mauthausen

The word Mauthausen is pronounced MOWT HOUSEN, not Mat hassen.

You can read about the stairs of death at the Mauthausen concentration camp in the recent news article, cited above.

One of my photos, shown at the top of the page, is included in the article, with no credit given to me.

You can read what I wrote on my website about the stairs of death  at

I have a whole section on my website about Mauthausen:

The town of Mauthausen is a very beautiful place. You can see my photos of the town at

One of my photos of the town is shown below.



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