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December 5, 2016

the little Jewish boy who wasn’t just whistling “Dixie” when he jumped off a train bound for Auschwitz

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I won’t keep you in suspense: the little Jewish boy, who survived the Holocaust, and is now out on the lecture circuit, raking in money, as he tells his Holocaust story, was actually whistling Glenn Miller’s famous song entitled “In the Mood” to distract the German guards. [He wasn’t just “whistling Dixie”, a phrase that means that a person is lying.]

The following quote is from the news article, which you can read in full at

Begin quote

Simon Gronowski  [a Holocaust survivor] said he often thinks about the moment in April 1943 when he was eleven years old and jumped from a train carrying more than 1,600 Jews to the concentration camp at Auschwitz. Gronowski and his mother, Chana, who had been arrested by the Gestapo at their hiding place in Brussels, were being sent from a transit camp at Mechelen in Flanders to almost certain death in the gas chambers [at Auschwitz]. 

Many prisoners were still dozing that night when the death train was ambushed by three resistance fighters, allowing 233 [Jews] to escape, including Gronowski. He was among the 118 passengers on the infamous 20th train who got away safely. Others were shot by the Germans.

End quote

You might think that it is easy to jump off a moving freight train, but it is actually very dangerous. When I was a child, I lived in a house that was only a few feet from the tracks of a major railroad line.

The homeless bums, who were “riding the rails” would jump off the freight trains that went though the small town where I lived. Then they would head straight for the house where I lived and knock on the back door. They would offer to chop wood for our wood-burning kitchen stove, in exchange for a jelly sandwich. The bums didn’t expect any peanut butter on their sandwich. This was during the Depression when people didn’t expect much.

The following quote is also from the news article:

Begin quote

The day that still haunts Simon Gronowski  is April 19, 1943. Train 801 left the Dossin barracks  at 10 p.m. with 1,631 Jews — ranging in age from  six weeks old to ninety — bound for Auschwitz. Gronowksi awoke in his mother’s arms and saw men prying open the carriage. When the train slowed, his mother lowered him to the running board. Gronowski, who had practiced jumping, leaped off the moving train, landing on the gravel without falling.

End quote

His mother lowered him to “the running board”? What kind of a train has a “running board”?

To me, the term “running board” means a step that is outside the door of a car or a truck. In the old days, people used to thumb a ride, alongside a road. They would hop onto the “running board” which was a step just below the car door.

The photo below shows a little girl standing on the running board of a car. She is probably wearing her First Communion white dress.

running board.jpg

December 4, 2016

David Irving still intent on regurgitating his unpleasant side of the story

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David Irving

Famous Holocaust denier David Irving

The title of this blog post is a quote from a news article which you can read in full at

The following quote is from the news article:

Begin quote

At weekends, the Premier Inn in Gateshead throngs with football fans and young clubbers up for a wild night out in nearby Newcastle. Visitors to this cheap and cheery hotel on a trading estate seldom arrive by Rolls-Royce. Last Saturday evening, however, a vintage Silver Shadow glided onto the forecourt.

Sitting ramrod-straight at the wheel was an elderly and distinguished looking man, with silver hair and ruddy jowls. He might have been a retired brigadier. But it was none other than the infamous Holocaust-denying historian, David Irving.

In the passenger seat was the latest of Irving’s Girl Fridays — an attractive Polish woman, 50 years his junior, named Martyna Jurska. Her immediate task was to unload a stash of his books (including his laudatory 985-page biography of Hitler) from the boot of the Rolls and carry them into the hotel, in the hope he might hawk copies to an audience he was due to address, for upwards of £30 a time.

End quote

I have said this before, but I have to tell you again: David Irving is the nicest person that you will ever meet. I have attended his lectures twice and I have spoken with him twice. He suffers fools gladly, but he does get a bit cranky if someone asks a question that is too stupid.

Stolen Dachau gate has been recovered

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Gate that was stolen from the Dachau memorial site

Gate that was stolen from Dachau has been recovered

You can read the news story about the recovery of the gate [shown in my photo below] at

My photo of the gate into the Dadchau camp

My photo of the gate into Dachau camp

I have a section about the Dachau camp on my website at

You can read the history of Dachau on my website at

My photo of the Dachau gas chamber

My photo of the Dachau gas chamber

You can read about the history of the alleged Dachau gas chamber on my website at

The following quote is from the news story, cited above:

Begin quote

An iron gate stolen from the Dachau concentration camp in Germany has been found … in western Norway.

The gate with the Nazi slogan “Arbeit macht frei” (“Work sets you free”) was stolen in November 2014. It was found [recently] in a parking lot in a town near Bergen, Norway’s second largest city.

However, police have no leads on who stole it, or why.

“Our forensic teams have found no useable evidence like DNA,” police spokeswoman Kari Bjoerkhaug Trones said.

More than 40,000 prisoners died at Dachau, near Munich, during the Second World War.

End quote

December 2, 2016

Everything you ever wanted to know about Eli Wiesel

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I have written many blog posts under the tag “Elie Wiesel”. You can read all of my posts, by following this link:

Elie Wiesel

Alleged Holocaust Survivor Elie Wiesel

Elie Wiesel is the world’s most famous Holocaust survivor, but was he actually a “survivor”?  Did he really hide out in his home town in Romania, as I wrote on this blog post:

December 1, 2016

Is Holocaust education needed more than ever?

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Why am I asking this question? I have just read this news article which asks the question:

The following quote is from the news article, sited above:

Begin quote

Today, the Ryerson [University] Student Union released this statement that seems to imply that Holocaust denial is a legitimate disagreement – by claiming that motions like this one on the Holocaust “invoke many views.” It implies there is a legitimate view other than “the Holocaust was a tragedy that needs to be addressed,” a viewpoint that is positively vile and a sign these students need Holocaust education more than ever.

End quote

What a revolting development this is!

There are two sides to everything — except the Holocaust. Regarding the Holocaust, there is only one side to the story. If you believe anything except the Jewish side of the story, you will soon be on your way to jail, in 20 countries, not including America.

My 2005 photo of the gas chamber in the Auschwitz camp

My Oct. 2005 photo of the gas chamber in the Auschwitz main camp

Note that the gas chamber in the main Auschwitz camp was next door to the oven room, but for some unknown reason, the heat of the oven room never caused an explosion.

Irving Roth — famous Holocaust survivor

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In the past, I have written several blog posts about Irving Roth; you can read two of these blog posts at

You can read a recent news article about Irving Roth at

The following quote is from the news article, cited above:

Begin quote

As a native of Slovakia, Roth fled with his family to Hungary to escape the Nazis. First they tried to flee Europe in 1939 and come to the United States.

Some 36 countries around the world, except for the Dominican Republic, slammed their doors on Jewish immigrants, only allowing in strict quotas, Roth said in an earlier interview with the Independent Record. […]

Hitler saw the world’s response as a signal that “no one wants the Jews,” Roth said.  […]

The Holocaust began with a series of laws against the Jews, he recounted.

“I couldn’t go into the park.”

Signs went up at Roth’s local park, “No dogs or Jews allowed.”

“I had to take my warm sheepskin jacket and give it to the police department,” he said, because it was considered a luxury.

“Our radio was taken away.”

“My girlfriend who was Russian Orthodox was told by her father not to talk to me because I was Jewish.”

He was told he couldn’t go to school or play on the local soccer team.

“Jewish attorneys were not allowed to practice law,” he said. “Jews were thrown out of government jobs. They were no longer allowed to own businesses.”


By July and August 1941, the Nazis rounded up Jewish men, women and children in Poland and Western Russia, he said.

Many were ordered into ditches and shot.

“This is too costly,” Roth recounted the Nazis’ discussions. “Every Jew takes five bullets to kill.”

That’s when some Germans came up with a more efficient method of murder — the death camps. Running gas chambers and crematoriums around the clock, they killed 6 millions Jews.

“The next chapter is winding up in a cattle car,” he said, and being shipped to Auschwitz and later Buchenwald.

End quote

The poor Jews; why did no country want them?

November 29, 2016

New TV show about Hitler, the opportunist…

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I have been watching a TV show on the American Heroes channel. The first episode was called “Hitler, the opportunist”.

At first, I thought that this show must be a re-run from years ago.  I recognized all the footage. But when I looked more closely, I recognized the name Thomas Weber. He was making the ridiculous claim that he has “discovered” that  Hitler was actually promoted to the rank of Private First Class. Weber seems to be making a career of trashing Hitler’s service record in World War One.

There was no rank with the name Private First Class in the German Imperial Army during World War One.

Many sources maintain that Hitler was promoted to the rank of Lance Corporal. There was no rank of Lance Corporal in the German Imperial Army either.

The truth is that the one promotion that Hitler received during the war was to the rank of Gefreiter.

The website, cited above, has an image of a Bavarian Gefreiter rank insignia near the bottom of the page, which I have copied.  Letter B in the photo is the correct Bavarian badge of rank insignia that Hitler would have worn.


On the same page, the rank of Gefreiter can be seen in the NCO table, which translates the rank into English as Lance corporal. This is a rank in the British Army which roughly corresponds to Gefrieter in the German Imperial Army.

Note that a Lance Corporal in the British Army was, and still is,  an NCO.  A Gefrieter in the German Imperial army was the lowest rank of NCO. The American Army currently has no rank of Lance Corporal; however, the American Marine Corp does have this rank.

A Lance Corporal in the American Marine Corp is NOT an NCO.  In the modern Bundeswehr there are many classes of Gefrieter.  The lowest class is closer to a buck private, and also not an NCO.

Weber may have been confused because German ranks in World War One did not correspond with ranks in today’s German Army.

The following quote is from the Wikipedia page in the above link:

Begin quote

“Throughout the periods of the Royal Prussian Army, Imperial Army of the German Empire, Reichswehr and the German Wehrmacht, the rank of Gefreiter was considered in English the equivalent to a British Army Lance Corporal rank.

End quote

In order to “discover” this, Weber would have had to scroll down a bit on the page.  I think he must have been reading about the rank of Gefreiter in the modern Bundeswehr.


November 28, 2016

Holocaust theme used in skating performance

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Holocaust outfit worn by a skater

Holocaust outfit worn by a skater

You can read about the skater, who wore a Holocaust outfit for her skating routine, in this news article:

Is nothing sacred anymore?  These people should be arrested for trivializing the Holocaust, which is a crime in 20 countries now.

November 26, 2016

The Jew who was sent to a labor camp called Theresienstadt

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Was Theresienstadt really a labor camp?

According to this news article, it was.

Strictly’s Judge Rinder opens up about his Jewish grandfather’s horrifying experience during the Holocaust

The prison camp at Theresienstadt

The caption of this photo says “Moishe [a Jewish prisoner] was sent to a series of labour camps, including Theresienstadt in what was then Czechoslovakia”

Excuse me! I don’t think that Theresienstadt was classified as a “labor camp.” The photo above appears to have been taken in “the small camp” which was a prison at Theresienstadt.

I have a similar photo on my website, which you can see below:

The prison camp at Theresienstadt

My photo of the prison camp at Theresienstadt

My photo above seems to show the same prison camp that is shown in the photo in the news article.

I have written at length about Theresienstadt on my web site. I have a whole section devoted to Theresienstadt, which you can read at

Start by reading my web page about the history of Theresienstadt at

November 23, 2016

The Hour of the Avenger — the story of the liberation of Dachau

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Body of German guard at Dachau unlawfully killed by American soldiers

Body of German guard at Dachau unlawfully killed by American soldiers

The photo above shows a German guard at Dachau who was unlawfully killed, and his body mutilated, by American soldiers after the Dachau camp was voluntarily surrendered under a flag of truce.

Bodies of German guards killed at Dachau after the camp was surrendered

Bodies of German guards killed at Dachau after the camp was surrendered

A reader of my blog recently made the following comment:

Begin quote

Probably the best book on the liberation of Dachau is “Hour of the avenger” [written by] Howard Buechner, where the author witnessed the unlawful execution of German guards and medical staff.

End quote

I wrote about “The Hour of the Avenger” on this previous blog post:

My blog post, cited above, starts with this quote:

Begin quote

Most news articles, about the American soldiers who liberated the Dachau concentration camp on April 29, 1945, mention that these veterans have never talked to their families about the horror of Dachau.  Now one of the Dachau liberators, Don Ritzenthaler, has broken his silence and has told his grandson about what really happened at Dachau when the camp was liberated [by American soldiers].

End quote

I wrote about the surrender of the Dachau camp to American soldiers on this page of my website:


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