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August 18, 2017

The liberation of Buchenwald is mentioned in today’s news

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The liberation of Buchenwald by American soldiers….

My photo of the gatehouse at the Buchenwald camp

American soldiers arrive at the Buchenwald gate

You can read about the liberation of Buchenwald in this current news article:

The following quote is from the news article:

Begin quote

The other day I listened to Donald Trump’s justification for the violence at Charlottesville and his wink and nod to the alt-right, white nationalists, neo-Nazis, or whatever they call themselves, some of whom he said were “very nice people.” I call them evil.

With too few exceptions, his remarks have been followed with stunning silence by Republican members of Congress and the members of his cabinet. Others actually are defending his words.

Then I got to thinking about my father, the late Rocky Mountain News columnist, Gene Amole. During World War II he served in the unit that would liberate the Buchenwald death camp. What he saw there gave him nightmares for the rest of his life.

He never talked about it. One day he saw me reading a book about the Nazis, so he sat down and told me the story of how he and his fellow soldiers arrived at Buchenwald to find more than 21,000 naked, starving and nearly dead prisoners using what little strength they had to cheer their arrival.

They hugged the Americans and wept with relief and joy at the sight of them. The shocked and horrified soldiers passed out their own rations, gave up their coats, blankets and whatever else they had to cover their emaciated bodies.

End quote

I have written about the liberation of Buchenwald on my website at

My version of the story of the Buchenwald liberation is a little different. My version starts off with this quote from my website:

Begin quote

The Buchenwald concentration camp was liberated on April 11, 1945 by four soldiers in the Sixth Armored Division of the US Third Army, commanded by General George S. Patton. Just before the Americans arrived, the camp had already been taken over by the Communist prisoners who had killed some of the guards and forced the rest to flee into the nearby woods.

Pfc. James Hoyt was driving the M8 armored vehicle which brought Capt. Frederic Keffer, Tech. Sgt. Herbert Gottschalk and Sgt. Harry Ward to the Buchenwald camp that day.

End quote — continue reading at


August 13, 2017

Let’s get back to 911 and study what really happened that day

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President Trump has mentioned the 9/11 attack on America in several recent speeches. I think that he is misinformed in what he says about the 911 attack. There is no evidence that this was an attack by a foreign government.

The owner of the buildings brought them down, so that he could use the space for one huge tower. One of the towers that came down was not even hit. Building 7 had been wired to come down, and it did.

I have written several blog posts about the 9/11 attack, including this one:

My blog post about Barbara Olsen is also about the 9/11 attack:

This blog post is about an interview with Ward Churchill:

This blog post, which continues the story of Ward Churchill, has lots of links which add to the story:

This news article claims that Jews did not stay home on 9/11 and that there were several Jews who died in the attack:

The usual story is that 3,000 Jews stayed home that day, but the news article, cited above, claims that there were 4,000 Jews who worked there and some of them were killed that day.

Fortunately, there have been no more attacks. Thank God for that — there were 3,000 people killed that day, according to TV ads that we are seeing today.

August 12, 2017

Holocaust gaffes from President Trump’s White House

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The title of my blog post today is a quote from the headline of a news article which you can read at

The following quote is from the news article:

Begin quote

From its earliest days, President Trump’s White House has shown a troubling tendency to keep bringing up the Nazi genocide with botched facts and bad analogies.

This isn’t too surprising after Trump’s campaign flirted with anti-semitism — remember the “gas chambers” remark, the Star of David meme, the lack of David Duke rebuke.

Since January, you’ve needed to only wait a few months until yet another Holocaust mishap came from the Trump administration.

End quote

It is time for Trump to take a crash course in the Holocaust, so that he won’t keep making these mistakes.

First, go to Wikipedia:

Here is a quote from Wikipedia:

From 1941 to 1945, Jews were systematically murdered in a genocide, which was part of a larger event that included the persecution and murder of other peoples in Europe. Under the coordination of the SS, with directions from the highest leadership of the Nazi Party, every arm of Germany’s bureaucracy was involved in both the logistics and the carrying out of the mass murder. Killings were committed throughout German-occupied Europe, as well as within Nazi Germany itself, and they were also committed across all territories controlled by its allies. Other victims of Nazi crimes included ethnic Poles, Ukrainians, and other Slavs; Soviet citizens and Soviet POWs; communists; homosexuals; Jehovah’s Witnesses; and others. Some 42,500 detention facilities were utilized in the concentration of victims for the purpose of committing gross violations of human rights. Over 200,000 people are estimated to have been Holocaust perpetrators.

End quote

I wrote about the Jehovah’s Witnesses in the Holocaust on this page of my website:




August 11, 2017

Where did Ivanka Trump get that ring?

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In the photo above,  Ivanka Trump is wearing a ring with a blue stone

My mother had an engagement ring exactly like the one that Ivanka is wearing. My father bought the engagement ring in 1928 in Hermann, Missouri. When my mother died, the ring was buried with her in her coffin. My father offered to take the ring off her finger, after she was dead, and give it to me, but I declined this offer.

Note that Ivanka is not wearing the ring on her ring finger.

August 9, 2017

parallels between President Trump and Hitler’s Germany

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Update July 10, 2017 — the following comment was made by hermie, who is a regular reader of my blog:

Stop belittling and defiling Hitler by comparing him to the grotesque puppet of Jewry who now lives in the White House, FG. I know that most Americans have difficulty not to refer to Hitler when somebody or something upsets or disturbs them. But that’s no excuse for such an incorrect and offensive comparison between Adolf The Great and Donald The Clown. This comparison will be relevant in 4 years if Trump succeeds in liberating the United States from the lethal grip of Jewry by then.

End comment — Continue reading my original blog post:

Trump is the new Hitler, according to this news article:

Here are the alleged parallels between Trump and Hitler’s Germany:

  • The President creates his own media.
  • He exploits youth at a rally.
  • He endorses police brutality.
  • He demonizes people who believe, look or love differently.
  • He strips vulnerable people of their families, jobs and ability to live.
  • He believes Congress should change its rules to give him more power.
  • The Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect believes: Never Again to any people, and now.

August 5, 2017

The White House as a crime scene?

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This is the headline of the top news story today:

White House as crime scene: how Robert Mueller is closing in on Trump

The news article begins with this quote:

The legal net around Donald Trump’s beleaguered presidency tightened dramatically this week with news that a grand jury has been established a few hundred yards from the White House, to pursue evidence of collusion with the Kremlin.

It is a troubling development for the president, for several reasons. In the US legal system, a grand jury has broad powers to issue subpoenas, and ultimately indictments, at the request of prosecutors.

The special counsel investigating Russian interference in the 2016 US election, former FBI chief Robert Mueller, had been using a sitting grand jury in Virginia to authorise his team’s demands for documents and witnesses. The convening of a separate grand jury in Washington suggests the Mueller team – working in a suite of offices a few blocks’ walk from where the 20-odd jurors sit – is going to be making extensive use of it. It will not be hospitable terrain for the president. Trump won only 4% of the vote in the District of Columbia.

End quote from news article


August 4, 2017

Are you following Trump on Twitter?

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I might be the only person in the world who is not following Trump on Twitter.  I signed up for Twitter, but I have yet to tweet. I do not read Trump’s tweets. What’s wrong with me!

This news article tells about Trump’s tweets on Twitter:

August 2, 2017

James Comey, the former FBI Director, has a “2 million book deal”

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Today, I am commenting on the following news article:

The following quote is from the news article:

Comey will write about experiences that made him the FBI’s best-known and most controversial FBI head in recent times, from his handling of the bureau’s probe into Hillary Clinton’s private email server to allegations of ties between Russia and Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

End quote

Finally, we will learn about what happened when Hillary Clinton had a private e-mail server, which was claimed by Republicans to have been the crime of the century.

As a person who once had a private email server, I can tell you that this is not against any law. Hillary did not do anything wrong, but this accusation caused her to lose the election.

August 1, 2017

James Comey knew about “That Damn e-mail server”

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I am blogging about a newspaper article which you can read in full at

The following quote is from the newspaper article, cited above:

The only saving grace was that then-FBI Director James Comey said that Hillary didn’t know the markings meant they were classified, despite the secretary of state being an original classification authority.

So, what did happen? It couldn’t be that no one trusted you? That character question sunk faster than the Titanic when it was discovered that you set up an unsecured and unauthorized homebrew email server, which handled all of your State Department communications, a truckload of which contained classified information.

Yes, most were up-classified by the FBI when Clinton decided to hand over the server to the authorities, but three were declared classified at the time they were sent or received. The only saving grace was that then-FBI Director James Comey said that Hillary didn’t know the markings meant they were classified, despite the secretary of state being an original classification authority.

Clinton didn’t care about the fallout; she should have. Dishonest and untrustworthy soon became popular words to describe the former first lady. It was compounded by her serial inability to give a straight answer about the server and why she set it up. It appears that it was clearly a violation of the 2009 regulation from the National Archives And Records Administration that stated all electronic communications needed to be recorded and stored by their respective agencies. She said no classified information was sent through the server. That was also untrue. She said that the State Department signed off on the server. Not only was this a falsehood, but also State’s inspector general said if she had come to officials with this request for a homebrew server—it would have been rejected.

End of quote from newspaper article.

As a person who formerly had a private e-mail server, I can tell you that when you have a private server, you can see where your e-mail is really coming from and not from where it is claiming to come from. So Hillary was very wise to have a private e-mail server. She knew where her e-mail messages were really coming from.

On the other hand, why was FBI director James Comey involved in this? What was he up to?  And why did Trump later fire Comey?

Enquiring minds want to know!

July 27, 2017

It was a year ago today that Trump asked the Russians to help him win the election

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You can read all  about it here:

The following quote is from the news article:

Begin quote

WASHINGTON ― On July 27, 2016, Donald J. Trump stood behind a lectern in a Miami suburb and asked the Russian government to intervene in the 2016 election.

“Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing,” Trump told a crowded press conference, referring to messages his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, kept on a private server and deleted. “I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press.”

Twelve months later, top U.S. intelligence officials have said Russian state-backed entities did something similar to what Trump asked for: They hacked and released internal Democratic Party emails to embarrass Clinton and aid Trump. The leaked materials dominated media coverage for weeks, notably in the lead-up to Election Day itself.

End quote



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