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May 6, 2018

Coffee might be good for your health…

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According to this news article, coffee is good for your health, so have a cup of coffee every day.

The following quote is from the news article in the above link:

Science Says Coffee Is Healthy, So Have Another Cup

Are you one of those people who just can’t get going in the morning without your cup of joe? Well, there’s good news! It turns out that the heavenly brew you’ve been having every morning may just be good for your health as well as your morning mood. That sounds like cause for another cup to me.

Brain Power

Studies have increasingly suggested that coffee and/or caffeine could be an effective therapy to treat Alzheimer’s disease. Studies done on mice given caffeine versus decaf coffee found that those given the caffeine were shown to get better cognitive benefits. Coffee has also been found to help protect the brain against developing Alzheimer’s in the first place.

End quote

I have drunk coffee every day since I was 4 years old. I don’t know if this has helped my brain, but it has not hurt it. I buy an 8 ounce cup of coffee at the local 7-11 store every morning. In the afternoon, I have a cup of black tea.

April 7, 2018

The strange story of Stephen Hawking

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You can read all about Stephen Hawking at

If you have ever seen the TV show called The Big Bang Theory, you know who Stephen Hawking is. He is a frequent guest on the show.

The following quote is from the news article sited above:

Begin quote

In 1974, long before Stephen Hawking was the famous cosmologist he became, he developed his most influential theory.

That concept, which came to be known as Hawking radiation, explained how energy and even matter could escape the immense gravitational pull of a black hole.

On Wednesday, Hawking died at the age of 76, but his scientific theory lives on. And in fact, Hawking himself will make sure of it, even in death.


I am curious about what caused Hawking to get “Lou Gehrig’s disease”. Lou Gehrig was hit in the head by a baseball. A month later he died of “Lou Gehrig’s disease”. As far as I know, Hawking was not hit in the head with a baseball, nor anything else. He was just walking home one day, when all of a sudden, he came down with Lou Gehrig’s disease. He was 23 years old.

March 14, 2018

Steven Hawking has died…

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You can read about Steven Hawking in this article:

You can read about the death of Steven Hawking in this news article:

The followin quote is from the news article:

Begin quote

Hawking’s children, Lucy, Robert and Tim, announced their father’s passing in the following statement:

We are deeply saddened that our beloved father passed away today. He was a great scientist and an extraordinary man whose work and legacy will live on for many years. His courage and persistence with his brilliance and humor inspired people across the world. He once said, “It would not be much of a universe if it wasn’t home to the people you love.” We will miss him forever.

Hawking was first diagnosed with ALS in 1963, at the age of 21. He was only expected to live for another couple of years, but was ultimately discovered to have a rare form of the disease that progressed at a much slower rate. He was able to walk on his own for much of the 1960s with the help of crutches, but eventually required a mobilized wheelchair. When he lost the use of his voice, he began using a unique method of synthesized computer vocalizations that allowed him to remain vocal for the rest of his life.

End quote

January 12, 2018

Donald Trump — then and now

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The photo of Donald Trump, that is shown above, was taken 10 years ago when he was a handsome young man.

The photo of Donald Trump below was taken recently during his campaign for the presidency. This was when he was insulting Hillary Clinton, who is shown in the photo on the right.

What caused The Donald’s looks to change so drastically? Did his looks change because he became more and more hateful?

November 2, 2017

Trump’s meeting with Chinese leader

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Before Donald Trump flies to China on November 8th, he should bone up on Chinese culture. The worst thing that could happen is that Trump might cause the Chinese leader to “lose face.”

To lose face means to be embarrassed or humiliated, especially publicly. Both this expression and the underlying concept come from Asia; the term itself is a translation of the Chinese tiu lien and has been used in English since the late 1800s.

You can read about Trump’s trip to China at

The following quote is from the news article:

Begin quote

Donald Trump has saluted the “extraordinary elevation” of President Xi Jinping and compared him to a “king” on the eve of his trip to meet an exalted and emboldened leader now considered China’s most powerful since Mao.

Xi confirmed his absolute supremacy over China’s one-party state this week with the historic decision to enshrine his political thoughts in the Communist party’s constitution during a congress marking the end of his first term.

Party officials responded by showering adjectives of adulation on the man they say is making their nation great again, hailing Xi’s incisive, glorious, magnificent, visionary, pioneering and thrilling leadership.

Trump – who is scheduled to fly to Beijing on 8 November for a three-day visit – went almost as far on Wednesday. “Spoke to President Xi of China to congratulate him on his extraordinary elevation,” the US president tweeted, having refrained from weighing in on Asian affairs during Xi’s politically sensitive summit. “Also discussed NoKo [North Korea] and trade, two very important subjects!”

In a second tweet Trump said he was looking forward to “what will hopefully be a historic trip!”.

Trump continued his charm offensive in an interview with Fox Business Network. “He’s a powerful man,” he told anchor Lou Dobbs. “Now some people might call him the King of China – but he’s called president.”

Experts say Trump wants to butter up Xi before trying to strike a deal over North Korea during his visit.

End quote

For many years, I went to a Chinese doctor and had acupuncture once a week. This doctor has told me that I am now too old to have acupuncture. But it might be O.K. for me to have a row of black rocks put on my back. I have had this treatment one time, and I might try it again.

October 8, 2017

“Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” What should you do when this happens?

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Hopefully, this never happens to you! But you never know — it could happen to you! What should you do?

What you should do right now, before this ever happens to you, is to locate your closest Fire Department. Then you should call them, right now, and ask them if they have equipment to lift up a person who has fallen and can’t get up. They might tell you that they do not have this equipment, but another fire department close by, does have this equipment.

You then call that fire department and verify that they do have this equipment. If you live alone, you should then write this number on the inside of your arm, where you can see it if you ever fall and can’t get up. Of course, you will have a cell phone in your pocket at all times, if you live alone.

When you call the fire department, you can expect a fire truck to arrive within a few minutes. There will be 3 strong men in the fire truck. When they arrive, they will have a battering ram, ready to break down your door. You will call out to them that the door is not locked and that they can walk right in.

If you don’t want to leave your front door unlocked, you should leave a front window unlocked, just in case something like this ever happens.

When the 3 firemen arrive, one of them will have a device around his waist. This fireman will tell you to grab onto the bar on this device and hold on tight as the device pulls you up.

But first, the fireman will ask you if you will be able to walk, once you are lifted up. You will tell him that Yes, you will be able to walk.

As you are being pulled up, two other firemen will stand on either side of you, just in case you let go and start to fall. After you have been lifted up, these two men will stand beside you as you take your first steps.

When you are up, the firemen will stay a few minutes until they are sure that you are O.K.

Thank God that you have not called 911. If you had called 911, an ambulance would be on it’s way and it will have arrived within minutes. You would have been taken to a hospital, even though you were not hurt. You would have been kept over night in a hospital bed — and a few days later you will get the bill for your hospital stay. Hopefully, your health insurance will pay the bill.

August 10, 2017

the gate of death at Auschwitz

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The gates of the Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz, Poland, circa 1965. (Getty Images)

My early morning photo of Gate of Death

Concentration camp survivors walk out of the main gate with the sign “Arbeit macht frei” (work will set you free) at the Auschwitz museum, near the former death camp Auschwitz-Birkenau in Oswiecim, January 27, 2009 marking the 64th anniversary of its liberation by Soviet troops and to remember the victims of the Holocaust. REUTERS/Peter Andrews (POLAND)

The following quote is from a news article which you can read in full at

Begin quote from news article:

Sigmund Sobolewski, one of the first prisoners to walk through the gates at Auschwitz, has died. He was 94.

Born in Torun, Poland, in 1923, Sobolewski was only 17 when he was arrested and sent to Auschwitz. Known as Prisoner 88, he was held there for 4 1/2 years.

His inmate number was tattooed on his arm and he never forgot what he went through — and he tried to make sure no one did, either.

End quote

As I have said, and written, many times. I believe that a simple diet, that includes lots of potatoes and very little meat, is the key to living a long life.

Excuse me, I am going to eat a bowl of potato salad now. I am 84 years old and I expect to live to the age of 94.



April 9, 2017

Comparing Planned Parenthood abortions to the Holocaust is fair game

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The title of my blog post today is the title of a news article in the Kiowa County Signal by Rich Kiper. You can read the article in full here:

Kiper is defending the remarks of Senator Fitzgerald, who compared the seven million babies killed by planned parenthood to the six million Jews killed in the holocaust.

I blogged about this same article once before in a blog post entitled “I have been to Dachau” which you can read here:  I am writing more about this article from a different angle.

The following is a quote from the Kiowa Signal news article:

Begin Quote

Since the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion, Planned Parenthood has performed 6,937,406 abortions. This number is based on PP annual reports of 1978-2014 and studies conducted on PP abortions between 1973 and 1978. The numbers do not include abortions performed in 2015 and 2016. Therefore, according to its own reports, PP has exterminated more babies that the Nazis exterminated Jews during the Holocaust. Based on the numbers, Sen. Fitzgerald is correct in that PP is “more insidious than (the Nazis).”

End Quote

Was planned parenthood more insidious than the Nazis?

Begin Quote from Kiawa County Signal news article:

Sen. Fitzgerald is right to be angry with an organization that has killed more babies than the Nazis killed Jews….

He [Fitzgerald] did, though, very clearly compare PP aborting 6,937,406 unwanted babies to the Nazi killing of six million unwanted Jews. Abortion is a horrific act that involves killing an unborn child. Pro-life adherents should praise Sen. Fitzgerald for having the courage to speak truth, knowing full well that he would be subjected to attack by those for whom facts are irrelevant and the life of the unborn is not sacred.

End quote from news article

I think that Kiper is confused.  The Jews are sacred; unborn Children are not.  I am surprised that I need to explain this to you people.

If this were not the case, we would need to be building a lot more monuments to the 7 million children insidiously murdered by planned parenthood.

March 13, 2017

Will Trump cause the Chinese president to “lose face”?

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“Look at that face” as The Donald would say.

According to this news story, Donald Trump is planning to meet with the president of China.

I think that Trump should bone up on Chinese manners, as fast as he can. He should learn what “losing face” means in Chinese culture. I am familiar with this Chinese expression because I have a Chinese doctor. I used to take acupuncture treatments. Acupuncture cures everything. But the last time that I visited my Chinese doctor, he put small black stones in a line down my back, as is shown in a Geico  commercial. He said that I was too old for acupuncture which would be too strong for me.

Read this to learn what “losing face” means:

I predict that the Chinese President will bring his own food and his own cook. Trump will be serving steak and potatoes, but the Chinese don’t eat this type of diet.

The Chinese believe that potatoes are poison and that meat should be eaten in very small amounts. The Chinese think that half of your food should be rice and that the other half should be divided between meat or fish and Chinese vegetables.


March 11, 2017

Holocaust lies

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I am having a hard time today because I am suffering from “pink eye”. I am blind in one eye, and can’t see out of the other.

I have decided to bring back several of my old posts about Jews lying:

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