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April 3, 2018

Come to California, all you criminals yearning to be free

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You can read the sad story of California in this news article:

Begin quote from news article:

The federal government’s attack on California’s “sanctuary state” laws is growing angry, grassroots heads.

After California moved to prevent state and local law enforcement from cooperating with federal immigration officials in October, Governor Jerry Brown and Attorney General Xavier Bacerra were met with swift retaliation from Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who sued them and the state, alleging that three of the state’s new laws (including Senate Bill 54) overstepped their rights as a state and violated the US Constitution’s Supremacy Clause. (It’s the same argument the Department of Justice makes in another suit it filed against California this week, over jurisdiction in sales of federal land.) But while California officials await their days in court, a new resistance is being mounted from within.

In March, the small city of Los Alamitos was the first to announce that they would put their commitment to federal law over state regulations, drafting an ordinance that would let them opt out of state-level sanctuary laws. Emboldened, other cities in Orange and San Diego Counties are drafting exemption ordinances of their own. They’re the conservative mirror to the wave of liberal sanctuary cities like West Palm Beach, Fla., and Dallas County, Tex., that have pushed back against their conservative home state’s strict immigration enforcement.

End quote

March 11, 2018

The historic town of Locke in northern California

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You can see my photos of the historic town of Locke, CA at

February 15, 2018

Is the Sacramento Bee newspaper anything like Hitler’s book entitled “Mein Kamft?

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The Sacramento Bee is my home town newspaper, but I don’t read it anymore. I read the news on the Internet, and I also watch the news on TV.

This recent news article tells all about the Sacramento Bee:

The following quote is from the news article:

Begin quote

Conservative media personality Ann Coulter weighed in on Sacramento schools and media coverage with four consecutive tweets to her 1.9 million followers this weekend.

Coulter appeared unhappy with both The Sacramento Bee’s coverage of a McClatchy High School science fair project and the project’s removal over allegations of racism. The student attempted to justify a lack of racial diversity in McClatchy High’s elite HISP program by proving blacks, Southeast Asians and Hispanics have lower average IQs than whites and Northeast Asians.

The student’s project remained up for two days before being taken down at the request of students, parents and staff. As a response to The Bee’s story, Sacramento City Unified Superintendent Jorge Aguilar released a video Saturday night promising to diversify the city’s elite academic programs.

 End quote
Read more here:
Do blacks, whites and Asians all have equal intelligence? I don’t know the answer to this question, but I suspect that Asians are more intelligent.

November 20, 2017

Sacramento park — I never promised you a rose garden

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Famous rose garden in a very old Sacramento park

The photo below shows what the rose garden in Sacramento used to look like, before it was ruined by drug users.


In this recent news article you can read about how a famous park in Sacramento, California has been ruined by drug users:

The following quote is from the news article:

Begin quote

Hypodermic needles are being flushed so often down the toilets in McKinley Park, damaged sewer systems have forced the city to shut down the bathrooms twice in recent months.

City officials think they may have found a fix.

The City Council will consider Tuesday spending $50,000 for a mechanical grinder that would chew up needles and other objects flushed down the toilets in the East Sacramento park. The bathroom is next to the city’s most heavily used playground, and city officials want to avoid permanently shutting down the facility.

Read more here:
I have many happy memories of taking my children to this park to walk among the roses. Those days are gone for today’s children.

September 30, 2017

Rush Limbaugh is back in the news (updated)

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You can read about Rush Limbaugh in this recent news article:

and in this news article:

The first thing that you should know about Rush Limbaugh is that he does not live in Rio Linda, California. Rio Linda is a small town out in the boon docks, close to Sacramento, and the name of the town is a joke. People who live in Rio Linda are thought to be backward and stupid.  So that’s why does he live there?.

Rush Limbo was not born in Rio Linda. Why should he care? Rush doesn’t care that people make fun of Rio Linda.

The following quote is from the news article:

Begin quote

Rush Limbaugh made a rare television appearance this past week, returning to Fox for a sit-down with Sean Hannity to kick-off the latter’s return to his starring 9pm hour. Rush did not disappoint.

While he [Limbaugh] said all kinds of things that doubtless resonated with the Fox audience, in terms of the media, he zeroed in on exactly the complaint of so many.  Fox wrote it up this way:

Begin quote from Fox news:

“He [Rush Limbaugh] said the mainstream media has now been ‘corrupted by liberalism’ and is no longer delivering the news to Americans like they used to.

‘They don’t do the news. There is no news. There is the advancement of the Democrat Party agenda, which is ‘get rid of Trump,’ and they are totally devoted to it,’ Limbaugh said.”

Not to put too fine a point on it? Bingo!

End quote

The following quote is also from the news article:

Begin quote

Here’s Rush from the MRC dinner getting it absolutely on point in sobering fashion:

You saw these clips tonight, it’s stupid. And the problem is, these people have influence….They believe it. They’re killing everything they touch, they’re corrupting everything they touch, and they’re destroying it. We laugh at it because we need the relief, but they believe it. And they’re dead serious, they’re dead wrong, they’re dead stupid, they’re brain dead, and they are a problem. And they’ve got to be – in the arena of ideas – they have got to be beaten.


This is indeed no laughing matter. Every single day the media is pounding away at not just President Trump but any and everything about America. And in doing this it leads more than enough people who should know better down a garden path of the sheerest ignorance.

End quote



May 15, 2017

Are you getting sick of “there’s no there, there”?

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How many times do you hear someone on the news today say “there’s no there, there”?

Young people today probably don’t know who originated this expression, nor do they know what it means. Gertrude Stein wrote this about the city of Oakland, CA which is very close to San Francisco, CA.

Oakland is famous for having expensive, luxury homes:

Gertrude Stein was a rich Jew. The expensive homes in Oakland were not good enough for her. That’s why she wrote her famous line.

Shown below is a typical Oakland home, which was not good enough for Gertrude Stein.


March 2, 2017

When you get there, there is no there, there

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In recent news stories on TV, I have heard a lot of people saying “there’s no there, there.”

How many people know where and how this expression originated? This expression is a quote from Gertrude Stein who wrote this about her home town, Oakland, California.

According to Wikipedia: Over the years, two quotes from Gertrude’s works have become widely known: “Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose” and “there is no there there”, with the latter often taken to be a reference to her childhood home of Oakland, California.

Around 30 years ago, I quoted Gertrude Stein’s famous line “there’s no there, there” during a conversation with my grandson. He said, “Who’s Gertrude Stein.” Today’s young people don’t know who Gertrude Stein was. IOW, there is no there, there.

December 12, 2016

what the world needs now is more Holocaust museums

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You might think that the world has enough Holocaust museums and monuments, but you would be wrong. The world can never have enough Holocaust remembrance.

The following quote is from a news article, which you can read in full at

Begin quote

On 18 November, the Government [of Great Britain] announced the 10 shortlisted teams in the running to design a £50 million national Holocaust memorial for Britain, to be erected in Victoria Tower Gardens just outside the Palace of Westminster. The memorial project is a legacy of the coalition government led by David Cameron, whose cross-party Holocaust Commission recommended its construction after a survey revealed that of 8,000 British secondary school children, less than a third knew what ‘anti-Semitism’ was, and ‘the majority of those surveyed did not know some of the most fundamental facts that explain why and how the Holocaust happened’.

Announcing the subsequent design contest, Cameron’s successor Theresa May said: ‘We need to ensure that we never forget the horrors of the Holocaust and the lessons that must be learnt from it.’

The shortlist is impressive. It includes well-established firms such as Ralph Appelbaum Associates (best known for designing the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C.) and Studio Libeskind (founded by ‘starchitect’ Daniel Libeskind, whose existing projects include the Jewish Museum in Berlin and the redevelopment of the World Trade Centre), alongside artists Rachel Whiteread and Anish Kapoor, and prominent authors James E. Young, Jonathan Safran Foer, and Simon Schama, whose works, in one way or another, have dealt with the theme of memory.

All are well-versed in the international vernacular of commemorative architecture, not least Young, who served on the judging panels for both Berlin’s Denkmal for the Murdered Jews of Europe and the National September 11 Memorial in New York. We must assume that our collective memories are safe in the hands of these experts in the sombre, grey palate of 21st-century memorialisation.

End quote

I have written several blog posts about Daniel Liebeskind, and his “degenerate art” which you can read at

I have a section, on my website, about Daniel Liebeskind and his art:

Jewish art in Berlin by Daniel Liebeskind

My photo of Jewish art in Berlin, designed by Daniel Liebeskind

Thank God that Daniel Liebeskind’s contract to put Jewish art in the city of Sacramento was canceled. Instead, his proposed Sacramento design was installed inside a park in Russia.

March 10, 2016

Jeremy Meeks “the photogenic felon” is out of prison and ready for fame and fortune

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You can read the latest news about “the photogenic felon” at

Jerermy Meeks the photogenic felon

Jerermy Meeks the photogenic felon is out of prison now

Several years ago, I wrote a blog post about Jeremy Meeks:

Bob Beckel is no longer on the TV show named “The Five.”  Maybe he will come back as a guest so that he can comment on “the photogenic felon” once more.

December 31, 2015

The gas chamber that tourists see at Auschwitz

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 Gate into the main Auschwitz camp

Old photo of the gate into Auschwitz I camp

Today’s tourists, who take a guided tour of Auschwitz, are first taken to the main camp, where they see the famous “Arbeit macht Frei” sign that is shown in the old photo above; then they move on to the gas chamber in the Auschwitz I camp that was reconstructed by the Soviets, who liberated the camp.

You can see photos of the gas chamber, which I took in 1998 and again in 2005, on my website at

Obviously, I did not take these photos on a guided tour. The two photos below show what tourists see in the dark gas chamber room on a guided tour today.

Tourists are shown a darkened room in the Auschwitz main camp

Tourists are shown a darkened room at Auschwitz

Tourists today are not allowed to walk around in the gas chamber

Tourists today are not allowed to walk around in the gas chamber

Prisoners allegedly entered the gas chamber through the oven room on the left in the photo

Prisoners allegedly entered the gas chamber through the oven room shown in my 2005 photo

As shown in the photos above, the view of the gas chamber that tourists see today does not reveal much about the alleged gassing procedure.

My 1998 photo of the alleged entrance into the Auschwitz gas chamber

My 1998 photo of the alleged entrance into the gas chamber

On my first visit to Auschwitz in 1998, I was told the the door in the photo above was the door into the gas chamber.  Now tourists are told that the victims were herded into the gas chamber through the oven room where the bodies of the victims were being burned.

Allegedly, the victims took off their clothing outside the building, as they were told that they would be going into a room to take a shower. When they got in the room, they saw that there were no shower heads on the ceiling, and they knew that they were doomed to endure an ignominious death.

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