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July 6, 2013

Herta Bothe, the “sadist of Bergen-Belsen,” remained defiant to the end

Herta Bothe is the woman on the right

Herta Bothe is the woman on the right; the woman in the center is Irene Haschke

Today, Herta Bothe is famous for her defiant attitude and her show of anger when the women guards at Bergen-Belsen were ordered by the British to carry decomposed corpses to mass graves with their bare hands. You can read about the history of Bergen-Belsen here.

In interviews years later, Bothe described how she was terrified of contracting typhus because the guards were not allowed to wear gloves or masks. She described how the arms and legs of the decomposed bodies came off in her hands when she tried to pick them up, and how lifting the emaciated bodies caused her back pain. Although the British brought in bulldozers and shoved some of the bodies into the mass graves, they forced the former guards to do most of the work manually as their just punishment for the horrible conditions found in the camp, after Heinrich Himmler had voluntarily turned the camp over to them on April 15, 1945.

Herta Bothe was sentenced to ten years in prison after being convicted by a British Military Tribunal in 1945. She was released on December 22, 1951.

Several years ago, I was alerted, by a reader of my website, to the fact that I had mis-identified Herta Bothe, a guard at the Bergen-Belsen camp, in a photo.  I did considerable research to confirm that I had made a mistake, and then made a correction.  The photo above shows Herta Bothe on the right; the woman in the middle is Irene Haschke, another woman guard at Bergen Belsen.

Mugshot of Herta Bothe

Mugshot of Herta Bothe

In the photo above, taken by the British at an Allied prison in the nearby town of Celle, Bothe looks haggard and has dark circles under her eyes after working for weeks in the camp to bury around 17,000 corpses including the bodies of 13,000 prisoners who died after the British took over.

Herta Bothe and Irene Haschke had both stayed behind when the Bergen-Belsen camp was voluntarily turned over to the British on April 15, 1945 because there was a typhus epidemic in the camp. They wanted to help take care of the sick prisoners, but both were immediately arrested and charged with being war criminals. Both were put on trial, charged with Count One, the mistreatment of prisoners at Bergen-Belsen.  Count Two was the charge of mistreatment of the prisoners at Auschwitz, where many of these guards, including Bothe and Haschke, had previously worked.

In doing my research to confirm the identification of the two women in the photo above, I came across this website, which has an article written by a student in a class taught by Professor Harold Marcuse at the University of California at Santa Barbara:

From other accounts, Bothe was infamous for her brutality. She was known as a sadist, often beating prisoners without mercy. In trial, Sala Schiferman served as a witness against Bothe, testifying that she saw Bothe beat an 18-year-old girl for eating peelings in the kitchen. When prisoners protested, Bothe said, “I will beat her to death.” The girl was later declared to be dead by camp doctors. Another witness, Luba Triszinska, accused Bothe of frequently beating internees with wooden sticks and causing their deaths. Bothe was known for shooting at weak women as they were carrying the heavy containers of food. One man, Wilhelm Grunwald, testified that he saw Bothe do this sometime between April 1st-15th, 1945. Bothe claimed that she never used anything but her hands to beat the women under her command and that she never carried a pistol.

According to the information given by this student in an essay for a college class, Herta Bothe had been accused of beating a prisoner who ate “peelings.”

Prisoners at Bergen-Belsen peeling potatoes inside a barrack building

Prisoners at Bergen-Belsen peeling potatoes inside a barrack building

The following quote from Wikipedia tells about the war crimes that Herta allegedly committed at Bergen-Belsen.  Herta had been a guard at Auschwitz, but she was not charged with any crimes committed there; on March 1, 1945, Herta had been transferred to Bergen-Belsen.  At the Belsen trial, Herta Bothe was sentenced to 10 years in prison for her crime of “using a pistol on prisoners” at Bergen-Belsen; she had not been charged with using a pistol at Auschwitz.

Quoted from Wikipedia:

Once in the [Bergen-Belsen] camp Bothe supervised a female wood brigade of 60 women prisoners.[citation needed] The camp was liberated on April 15, 1945.[citation needed]

She is said to have been the tallest woman arrested. Bothe also stood out from other Aufseherinnen because, while most of the SS women wore black jackboots, she was in ordinary civilian shoes. The Allied soldiers forced her to place corpses of dead prisoners into mass graves adjacent to the main camp. She later recalled in an interview some 60 years later that, while carrying the corpses they were not allowed to wear gloves, and she was terrified of contracting typhus. She said the dead bodies were so rotten that the arms and legs tore away from the rest of the body when they were moved. She also recalled the emaciated bodies were still heavy enough to cause her considerable back pain. Bothe was arrested and taken to a jail at Celle.[citation needed]

At the Belsen Trial she was characterized as a “ruthless overseer” and sentenced to ten years in prison for using a pistol on prisoners. She was released early from prison on December 22, 1951 as an act of leniency by the British government.[citation needed]

Note that Wikipedia has no “citation” for the statement that Bergen-Belsen was “liberated on April 15, 1945.”  There is no citation available because Bergen-Belsen was not “liberated.”  It was voluntarily turned over to the British by Heinrich Himmler; you can read about the so-called “liberation of Bergen-Belsen” here.

British soldiers shoved dead bodies into mass graves with a bulldozer at Bergen-Belsen

British soldiers shoved dead bodies into mass graves with a bulldozer at Bergen-Belsen

The defendants in the Belsen Trial

The defendants in the Belsen Trial conducted by the British

According to Robert E. Conot, author of Justice at Nuremberg, the idea of bringing the Nazi war criminals to justice was first voiced by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on October 7, 1942, when he declared: “It is our intention that just and sure punishment shall be meted out to the ringleaders responsible for the organized murder of thousands of innocent persons in the commission of atrocities which have violated every tenet of the Christian faith.”

On October 26, 1943, the United Nations War Crimes Commission, composed of 15 Allied nations, met in London to discuss the trials of the German war criminals which were inevitable. That same year, Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin issued a joint statement, called the Moscow Declaration, in which they agreed to bring the German war criminals to justice.

The charges brought by the British against the defendants at “The Belsen Trial” differed from the charges brought by the American Military Tribunal at Dachau, against the camp personnel of Dachau, Buchenwald and other camps. In the BelsenTrial, the defendants were charged with murdering specific individuals who were listed by name in the charge sheet. At the Nuremberg International Military Tribunal and at the American Military Tribunal at Dachau, the war criminals were charged with participating in a “common plan” and there were also specific charges; none of the defendants in the IMT and the AMT were charged with the murder of a specific individual. The British accused the defendants in The Belsen Trial of being “together concerned as parties to” specific crimes, but they also brought specific charges for the murder of inmates who were named, as well as others who were unnamed.

The charges at The Belsen Trial were as follows:

Count One:

At Bergen-Belsen, Germany, between 1 October 1942 and 30 April 1945, when members of the staff of Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp responsible for the well-being of the persons interned there, in violation of the law and usages of war, were together concerned as parties to the ill-treatment of certain of such persons, causing the deaths of Keith Meyer (a British national), Anna Kis, Sara Kohn (both Hungarian nationals), Heinrich Glinovjechy and Maria Konatkevicz (both Polish nationals) and Marcel Freson de Montigny (a French national), Maurice Van Eijnsbergen (a Dutch national), Maurice Van Mevlenaar (a Belgian national), Jan Markowski and Georgej Ferenz (both Polish nationals), Salvatore Verdura (an Italian national) and Therese Klee (a British national of Honduras), Allied nationals, and other Allied nationals whose names are unknown, and physical suffering of other persons interned there, Allied nationals, and particularly to Harold Osmund le Druillenec (a British national), Benec Zuchermann, a female internee named Korperova, a female internee named Hoffmann, Luba Rormann, Isa Frydmann (all Polish nationals) and Alexandra Siwdowa, a Russian national and other Allied nationals whose names are unknown.

The British military tribunal at Belsen took only 53 days to hear both the prosecution and the defense cases and then to make a decision on all 44 cases.

Each defendant at The Belsen Trial wore a number in the court room for easy identification in such a whirlwind trial.

Josef Kramer was Defendant No. 1 and Dr. Fritz Klein was No. 2. On the 54th day of the proceedings, which was November 17, 1945, the sentences were handed down. The sentences were then reviewed by Field-Marshall Montgomery, the commanding officer of the British Occupation, and clemency was denied to all those who had been found guilty. There was no appeal process.

Herta Bothe and Irene Haschke were later granted clemency:  both were released after serving only 6 years of their 10 year sentence.

I previously blogged about The Belsen Trial here.


  1. There is no doubt about this woman’s participation in acts of inhumanity, and genocide. Has she endured her punishment? She served her sentence, and any further complaint seems best left to victims of the Holocaust, and with God. Further hostility, hate, and revenge is not ours; This only makes us as inhumane and wrong as the perpetrators of these crimes. My wife’s relatives perished in the Dachau Concentration Camp, suffering and dying from evil, misguided ‘scientific experiments.’ Such suffering, and death, may be the most horrific method. Revenge will not bring my wife’s family back, will not replace justice, and will not make you or me better people. Let it go. Let the victims rest in peace, but never forget this period of history..the inhumanity, extremism, and war.

    Comment by Gregory Russell — February 11, 2018 @ 4:16 pm

  2. 10 years in prison was a shame, she should spend the rest of her life in prison.The British Governement had merci on her but God wil NOT,and I am so glad that God’s hands will be heavy on her, and the eternity that she will face will be well deserved, BURNING IN HELL!

    Comment by SANDRA — December 10, 2017 @ 7:49 pm

  3. Herta bothe is an awful example of humanity , she has no shame of her actions , she helped kill all those innocent Jews and very had a moment of regret

    Comment by Elizabeth Mcguinnes — October 2, 2015 @ 6:34 am

    • You are correct. Herta stayed behind to help with the burial of the bodies of inmates who had died in the typhus epidemic at Bergen-Belsen. She was a fool to do this. Thank God that she was sentenced to 10 years in prison for her crime of offering to help the British.

      Comment by furtherglory — October 2, 2015 @ 9:52 am

    • Perhaps you should read the Wikipedia page on Herta Bothe.

      This quote is from Wikipedia:
      At the Belsen Trial she was characterized as a “ruthless overseer” and sentenced to ten years in prison for using a pistol on prisoners. Bothe admitted to striking inmates with her hands for camp violations like stealing but maintained that she never beat anyone “with a stick or a rod” and added that she never “killed anyone.”[4] Her contention of innocence was deemed questionable as one Bergen-Belsen survivor claimed to have witnessed Bothe beat a Hungarian Jew named Éva to death with a wooden block while another teenager stated that he saw her shoot two prisoners for reasons he could not understand.[5] Nevertheless, she was released early from prison on December 22, 1951 as an act of leniency by the British government.[2]

      Comment by furtherglory — October 2, 2015 @ 11:00 am

  4. You can go fuck yourself, for comparing Andersonville to Bergen – Belsen. The Confederates were trading POWs to PREVENT that kind of shit from happening, LINCOLN STOPPED that KNOWING what would happen. The union got sick, hungry, and died, but the guards were in horrid shape themselves, that happened because they HAD NO MEANS TO CARE FOR THEM… The south did what they could, they let them build small huts, they let them try to forrage, Something NOT afforded to the South taken .Why not mention the POW camp in Chicago? There, they COULD properly care for POWs, but… they DIDNT, they TORTURED them, They STARVED them, the LET them get sick. The only way Lincoln knew how to win that war, was to throw so many bodies in the way, the south would run out of bullets. Lee invaded the North twice, he had to forage for food, He handed out to whom he had to take from, that after the war, the south would reimburse as best they could, from whom he had to take, to feed his troops.. It ended up not counting for much, but he was trying, and doing his best. The North, Burnt Atlanta, destroyed cities, destroyed homes, destroyed lives, made POWs walk thru mine fields, EXECUTED POWs cuz he was pissed off. He was a sadist on the lines of whom you are comparing to people who were doing they best they can. Get your shit straight before you so publically make that BAD of a fuck up.

    Comment by Steve — May 20, 2015 @ 1:33 pm

  5. 1..2.. Satans Coming for you =) 3…..4….. We see you whore

    Comment by Steve — May 20, 2015 @ 1:15 pm

    • What’s wrong with you Steve? Herta Bothe was obviously controlled by the Devil. Anyone who is as brutal as Bothe is possessed.

      Comment by Mack — December 11, 2016 @ 11:45 am

    • There is no sin so bad that God cannot forgive. We must forgive these people too. They lived in strange times and were brainwashed when they were growing up. I have always been interested in the holocaust and read much about it.(i am british but live half my life in the Netherlands). Only recently have i begun reading the other side of the story- the lives of Irma Grese and Herta Bothe in particular. I feel called to pray for their souls. I’m not sure if i believe in reincarnation. It would be a shock to find that you had a past life there on the wrong side. But i feel in some way that i carry these people inside me. I don’t understand why Irma had to die while Herta was set free.

      Comment by jacoba — October 30, 2017 @ 1:38 am

  6. This beast served only 6 years from her 10 y. Sentence
    Hopefully she burns in HELL

    Comment by heinrich — January 25, 2015 @ 3:21 pm

  7. Does anyone know who wrote this story or anyone knows any Bothe from Germany. My mother’s father family came to America durning WW2 to be closer to his mother. After WW2 we lost all contact with our family in Germany after Russia controlled most of east Germany. Please if anyone has any info about the Bothe family please share. I remember my grandfather talking about her when she was a little girl.

    Comment by john bothe — September 22, 2014 @ 10:03 pm

    • Have you tried Not to say that all German Bothe’s are related at all, but I have family coming from Germany with that surname though closer relatives were in the USA during WW2. has a lot of logs which list Bavaria etc.

      Comment by Lol — November 20, 2014 @ 9:28 pm

    • If you don’t mind me asking, how was she when she was little?

      Comment by Liz C — April 13, 2015 @ 8:53 am

  8. May the beast of Auschwitz and Bergen Belson burn in hell for eternity for what she did to my family.

    Comment by 1aviva — May 16, 2014 @ 7:14 am

    • What did Herta Bothe do to your family? Did she harm your family at Auschwitz or at Bergen-Belsen? How did your family identify her as the culprit?

      Comment by furtherglory — May 16, 2014 @ 11:09 am

  9. What possible reason was there for granting her clemency by the British government.. when she remained unrepentant to the end? And no mercy was shown to her victims? Unbelievable!!!

    Comment by ClaireK — February 18, 2014 @ 10:38 am

    • Did you miss the point that Herta Bothe stayed behind at Bergen-Belsen to help the British, after the camp was voluntarily turned over to them on April 15, 1945? Herta had only been in the Bergen-Belsen camp for six weeks. She had previously been at Auschwitz but she was not charged with crimes committed at Auschwitz. Herta could have escaped before the British took over the camp, but she didn’t.

      She was forced to carry the bodies of the prisoners who died at Bergen-Belsen AFTER the camp was turned over to the British. There were 13,000 prisoners who died of typhus after the camp was turned over to the British. For her crime of staying behind to help with the typhus epidemic, she was forced to handle diseased bodies with no gloves or mask. The British did not handle the bodies — they used a bulldozer to shove the bodies into mass graves.

      Herta was released after 6 years in prison. She was probably granted clemency because she was not guilty of abusing prisoners during the 6 weeks that she was at Bergen-Belsen.

      Comment by furtherglory — February 18, 2014 @ 11:00 am

      • Based on your comments here and on other comments you have made on related subjects. I strongly suspect you are a Nazi sympathizer and an Anti-Semite. Herta Bothe was a monster. Many eyewitness accounts support that statement. Your defense of the decision to show her mercy in either a legal sense or ethically reflects on who you are and what you are. I have no doubt that had you lived in Germany as an adult in the same time period as this pathetic excuse for a human being (perhaps you did), you would have probably been one of the first to volunteer as a guard at one of the extermination camps. And I’m confidant that you would have received many commendations for your superior work.

        Comment by blancaster60 — October 23, 2014 @ 9:08 am

        • You have apparently misunderstood my blog post about Herta Bothe. The Bergen-Belsen camp was VOLUNTARILY turned over to the British because there was a typhus epidemic in the camp. Thirteen thousand prisoners died of typhus and other diseases AFTER the British took over the camp.

          Herta Bothe could have left the camp before the British took over, but she voluntarily stayed behind to help, exposing herself to the deadly typhus. She was arrested by the British and put on trial. That was her thanks for staying behind to help during a typhus epidemic.

          Her “war crime” was that she had worked at Bergen-Belsen, which was originally an EXCHANGE camp. The Allies did not want to exchange the German prisoners in their camps for the Jews at Bergen-Belsen so it was turned into a concentration camp during the last 6 months of its existence.

          Herta Bothe did not VOLUNTEER as a guard at an “extermination camp.” She was assigned to this job. If she had refused, she would have been put into prison herself.

          Comment by furtherglory — October 23, 2014 @ 10:26 am

          • Yes, you have convinced me that Ms Bothe was a delightful young lady. Those rude Englishmen, arresting such an upstanding and lovely young woman. Go soak your moronic head, you Nazi sympathizing scum-bag.

            Comment by Laurel — July 18, 2015 @ 11:08 pm

            • Thank you for your polite suggestion. I have soaked my moronic head, and now I am ready to explain the blog post, upon which you commented so nicely. Ms. Bothe was not forced to stay behind to help during the typhus epidemic in the camp. She volunteered to help the nice Englishmen who were having fun shoving the dead bodies with a bulldozer. She didn’t realize that she would be arrested for volunteering to help the nice Englishmen, and that she would have to spend time in prison because of her foolish actions.

              Comment by furtherglory — July 19, 2015 @ 7:14 am

              • My word, you are a thickheaded, hateful, antisemitic clown, aren’t you? Herta has a disgraceful resume. She did some work at Auschwitz of course, but where she really shone was at Stutthof concentration Camp where she deservedly earned the unpleasant moniker of “The Sadist of Stutthof.” Frau Bothe enjoyed her work. She was not Florence Nightingale, she was not Clara Barton, she wasn’t even Jack Kevorkian — simply put, she was an opportunistic sadist who felt she had done nothing wrong, at least not by Nazi Germany’s revolting standards.

                She believed that the British would welcome her very capable Teutonic expertise with those annoying persons who were dying like flies under her accomplished care. Poor sweet soul, she was terribly disappointed by the misinformed, judgmental British. Didn’t they realize that she was of the master race and these sick, dying, starving people were inconsequential, really immaterial. Surely the English would appreciate her organizing ability and together they would get Belsen ship-shape in no time and whip that pesky Typhus epidemic.

                She was a sadist beast, a hateful and cruel bitch who could have been reassigned at the Nazi employment exchange, despite her denials of this — it was done all the time. She enjoyed her work and proceeded with gusto. Unfortunately, she did not have the looks of her fellow fiend, Irma Greisse. Bothe has a face that would not only stop a clock, it would completely break a sundial — a face she truly deserves.

                Please don’t write me again. You may be intelligent, however, I believe you are neither thoughtful, decent or kind. Therefore, I am uninterested in any of your opinions.

                Comment by Laurel — July 19, 2015 @ 3:49 pm

                • What do you mean by writing “Please don’t write me again.”? Are you forbidding me to answer a comment on my own blog?

                  If you are “uninterested in any of [my] opinions,” why are you reading my blog? Did someone put a gun to your head and force you to read my blog?

                  Comment by furtherglory — July 20, 2015 @ 10:07 am

  10. Does anyone know if Frau Bothe is still alive and if so where does she live?

    Thank you!

    Comment by Chantal — September 7, 2013 @ 11:08 am

    • According to this website, Herta Bothe died, at the age of 90, in March 2011.

      Comment by furtherglory — September 7, 2013 @ 1:11 pm

      • that’s not true.ahe was still alive last year at the age of 92.

        Comment by pamma — October 27, 2013 @ 12:02 pm

    • Yes, the old bitch lives in Hamburg. If someone should deliver Herte to an unnatural (and hopefully a painful, slow) death, I shouldn’t mind at all.

      Comment by Laurel — July 18, 2015 @ 11:33 pm

      • If you should ever decide to write a nice, non-hateful comment, I WOULDN’T mind at all.

        Comment by furtherglory — July 19, 2015 @ 7:06 am

  11. Furtherglory, you might be interested in reading 3 of the exhibits submitted to the Belsen trial about Krema II at Auschwitz-Birkenau which I’ve recently discovered at Kew, one includes a very strange diagram of the the supposed gas chamber, but all three describe the building in a very bizarre manner:

    Here’s one of them:

    Extract from the May 1945 affidavit of Hermine Kranz, 26 year old Slovakian Jew, on his 1.5 years at Birkenau:

    The crematorium looked very pretty. There were altogether 6 such crematoria, but my evidence relates to one only. Three thousands person could be dealt with at a time.

    I had to carry bodies of people who had died in the camp for some reason or other into the gas chamber on occasions. This gas chamber was used as an anatomical research laboratory in addition to being a gas chamber. The inside of t is [sic] chamber lookes [sic] like a very large bathroom. There were objects similar to showers and there was a very pretty tiled floor. In the floor there were trap doors which opened. Under these were truck containers and the bodies after gassing were dropped into them to be moved to the furnace where the bodies were burnt. The iron trap doors were covered with tiles and there were benches all around. I saw all this. Some of the inmates who worked on the removal of the corpses showed me all this.

    Comment by The Black Rabbit of Inlé — July 9, 2013 @ 4:01 am

    • Hermine is a girl’s name. This person noticed “a very pretty tiled floor.” She also said that the crematorium “looked very pretty,” which indicates to me that this was a woman talking.

      On the other hand, this person said: “I had to carry bodies of people who had died in the camp for some reason or other into the gas chamber on occasions.” This indicates that the person is a man; I don’t think that women had to carry bodies in the camps.

      However, it doesn’t make sense to carry “dead bodies” into the gas chamber. This indicates that this person is a bit ditsy which could mean that Hermine was more likely a woman.

      Comment by furtherglory — July 9, 2013 @ 10:19 am

      • I thought it was a girls name too. But I’ve a friend called Jody and as a child he started fights with people who said he had a girls name.:wink:

        On all the other Belsen affidavits I’ve now got photos of from Kew (literally hundreds I’ve collected over the last few months) female Jews are always describes as ‘Jewess’. That and the lugging corpses into the homicidal gas chamber cum anatomical research laboratory, made me pluck for Hermine being a he.

        Comment by The Black Rabbit of Inlé — July 9, 2013 @ 5:38 pm

    • He/she is describing a typical mortuary and post mortem room. The white tiled surfaces do look to the uneducated to be big bathrooms. Of course in the legend the morgues of the Krema were gas chambers! Hermine Kranz is telling the truth about what he saw and this is excellent revisionist evidence. He would have taken corpses to the PM rooms and morgues and there they would either have had a PM or would have been dispatched to the crematory ovens.

      Comment by peter — July 9, 2013 @ 4:09 pm

      • Thanks Pete.

        If you haven’t already, I can highly recommend reading the two other affidavits about K2 on the rodoh link, both by former workers in the building, and they both describe the gassing procedure and/or building in a fashion completely at odds with the existing legend.

        This drawing of K2 was submitted as evidence to the trial (exhibit 82) but Leichenkellar I and II have being merged into one, with a gas chamber resembling a narrow corridor:

        Comment by The Black Rabbit of Inlé — July 9, 2013 @ 5:30 pm

      • On this page of my website you can see a photo of autopsy tables that are covered with white tile.

        There is also a photo of the Sachsenhausen morgue on the same page.

        Comment by furtherglory — July 10, 2013 @ 6:58 am

        • Thanks FG.

          I found out the other day that Gerald Draper (the man who made Hoess confess to gassing 2.5m people) also made Sachsenhausen commandant Anton Kaindl confess to being ordered to load all inmates of the camp (approx 40,000 people) onto barges, sail them into the North Sea, and drown the lot of them.

          I see from your site that this story was mentioned at his Soviet run trial in Berlin.

          Comment by The Black Rabbit of Inlé — July 11, 2013 @ 3:25 am

  12. The British show trials followed the same pattern as the US led show trials in the south of Germany . Their purpose was to psychologically destroy the German people which surely they
    have achieved when you look at the Germany of 2013. The British show trial of Bruno Tesch is examined in detail here by Vincent Reynouard ( sorry in French and no sub titles )
    The reliance on hearsay to hang these people is astounding for those who believe that the post war show trials had something to do with justice.

    Comment by peter — July 7, 2013 @ 3:33 pm

  13. So Bothe was not given the death penalty for beating to death the girl who “ate potato peelings” according to Sala Schiferman, a witness at the trial?

    “Another witness, Luba Triszinska, accused Bothe of frequently beating internees with wooden sticks and causing their deaths.”

    Were these witnesses not believed? You say Bothe was sentenced to 10 years in prison, but was released after six. Were any of the men given equally light sentences if they had been accused of causing deaths.

    Comment by Carolyn Yeager — July 6, 2013 @ 7:52 pm

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