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February 27, 2013

New book about Felix Sparks gives a new perspective on the liberation of Dachau and the Dachau massacre

You can read a review of Alex Kershaw’s new book entitled The Liberator here. The liberator in the title is Lt. Col. Felix Sparks, commander of the 3rd Battalion, 157th Infantry Regiment, 45th Division of the US Seventh Army, the first unit to arrive at the Dachau complex, which consisted of an SS garrison and a concentration camp.

It was Sparks who fired a shot into the air to stop the killing of German soldiers with their hands in the air, an event known today as the Dachau massacre.  The Dachau massacre was kept secret for 40 years, and many people today still don’t believe it.

German soldiers being executed at Dachau by 45th Division soldiers

German soldiers being executed at Dachau by 45th Division soldiers

Felix Sparks fires a shot into the air to stop the massacre

Felix Sparks fires a shot into the air to stop the killing of unarmed German soldiers

In the two photos above, note the German soldiers standing against a wall with their hands up; the second photo shows Lt. Col. Felix Sparks firing a shot into the air to stop the massacre.

I received a notice from Amazon today telling me that this new book is out; in the past, I have purchased many books about Dachau and the liberation of the camp.

This quote is from the review of the book which you can read in full here:

….. Kershaw’s exploration of what relentless combat can do to the mind. By Sept. 1944, he notes, more than 100,000 men had been pulled off the line due to combat fatigue.

“According to the U.S. Army surgeon general, all men in rifle battalions became psychiatric casualties after 200 days in combat. ‘There aren’t any iron men,’ declared one army psychiatrist. ‘The strongest personality, subjected to sufficient stress over a sufficient length of time, is going to disintegrate.’ ”

This happens at Dachau. Completely unprepared for what awaits them, and having fought for far too long, some of Sparks’s men crack, and begin shooting and killing unarmed SS men. Sparks manages to stop it, but is held responsible anyway. As fortune would have it, his case winds up on the desk of four-star General George S. Patton in May, 1945.

“There is no point in an explanation,” Patton tells him. “I have already had these charges investigated, and they are a bunch of crap. I’m going to tear up these goddamn papers on you and your men.”

“You have been a damn fine soldier.”

A sentiment this deeply researched and affecting book makes abundantly clear.

I have not read the book yet, so I don’t know if the author mentions that, while the 45th Division was busy killing unarmed German soldiers in the SS garrison that was right next to the camp, the 42nd Division was accepting the surrender of the camp from a German officer.

Surrender of the Dachau camp to the 42nd Division

Surrender of the Dachau concentration camp to the 42nd Division under a white flag of truce

The 45th Division “liberated” the SS garrison, killing wounded Wehrmacht prisoners, along with SS men who had been sent to surrender the camp.  The concentration camp, which was within the walls of the SS garrison, was “surrendered,” not “liberated” in the sense that it was defended and soldiers had to be killed in order to take over the concentration camp by force.

You can read about the surrender of the Dachau concentration camp on my website here.

You can read about the role of the 45th Division in the “liberation” of Dachau on my website here.

The following quote is also from the review of the book:

In France, in the waning months of the war, this almost gets him [Felix Sparks] killed, as he leads a charge to rescue some cut-off forces. As he exits his tank to rescue some wounded, the Germans have an easy shot and Sparks is as good as dead. Astonishingly though, an SS machine gunner by the name of Johann Voss holds his fire. Given the ruthless reputation of the SS, this is a shocking revelation, but Kerhsaw explains: “There was no honor to be gained, said Voss, by drilling a brave officer with 7.2mm bullets as he tried to help his wounded men. Indeed, there was a silent understanding among the SS watching Sparks. Killing him would be wrong.”

So this new book is going to point out that at least one SS soldier fought honorably during World War II?  Was this what caused Lt. Col. Felix Sparks to stop the killing of unarmed German soldiers, about whom Col. Howard Buechner wrote: “Public outrage would certainly have opposed the prosecution of American heroes for eliminating a group of sadists who so richly deserved to die.”

Col. Buechner’s account of the Dachau massacre is quite controversial; you can read about it on my website here.


  1. Envoy
    by Alex Kershaw
    “December 1944. Soviet and German troops fight from house to house in the shattered, corpse-strewn suburbs of Budapest. Crazed Hungarian fascists join with die-hard Nazis to slaughter Jews day and night, turning the Danube blood-red. In less than six months, thirty-eight-year-old SS Colonel Adolf Eichmann has sent over half a million Hungarians to the gas chambers in Auschwitz. Now all that prevents him from liquidating Europes last Jewish ghetto is an unarmed Swedish diplomatic envoy named Raoul Wallenberg. The Envoys Briefcase is the stirring tale of how one man made the greatest difference in the face of untold evil. The legendary Oscar Schindler saved hundreds, but Raoul Wallenberg did what no other individual or nation managed to do: He saved more than 100,000 Jewish men, women, and children from extermination. Written with Alex Kershaws customary narrative verve, The Envoys Briefcase is a fast-paced, nonfiction thriller that brings to life one of the darkest and yet most inspiring chapters of twentieth century history. It is an epic for the ages.”

    “…an epic for the ages”? Hey, I was born at night, but not last night!

    Comment by who dares wings — April 29, 2013 @ 11:48 am

  2. Quote:”According to the U.S. Army surgeon general, all men in rifle battalions became psychiatric casualties after 200 days in combat. ‘There aren’t any iron men,’ declared one army psychiatrist. ‘The strongest personality, subjected to sufficient stress over a sufficient length of time, is going to disintegrate.'”
    I would argue that the vast majority of American soldiers were already “psychiatric casualties” before they entered the European theatre of war, this psychiatric condition reinforced by paranoid, and I would argue schizophrenic psychosis that is evidently witnessed in the pictures of the massacre of unarmed SS men by American forces.
    Contrast the psychiatric/schizophrenic condition of American forces to the highly disciplined and utterly fearless fighting prowess of the German SS soldiers on the Eastern Front who were distinguished in battle and in many cases fought to the last man against overwhelming odds without even a hint of cowardice.
    The conduct of American forces was the same in the Far Eastern Campaign against the Japanese who, American forces had been brainwashed into believing were utterly sub-human.
    How many massacres were perpetrated by American forces against Japanese soldiers and Japanese civilians may never be revealed, but a policy of genocide is characteristic of American military history and this policy is self evident from the conduct of American forces in Iraq in which an estimated 1.5 million Iraqi civilians were genocided with exotic weapons, among others, depleted uranium. When American forces are unleashed on the world, the result is genocide on a grand scale.
    I personally have doubted the American and British narrative of the historical validity of the alleged Malmedy Massacre, because the allegation of the Malmedy Massacre has all of the hallmarks of a Soviet Communist propaganda exercise along the lines of the infamous and completely discredited Hollow Hoax and a vast library of alleged “war crimes” committed by the “Nazis” and Axis forces. The British made identical claims that the SS rounded up a number of captured British soldiers at Dunkirk and herded them into a barn and massacred them with machine guns and hand grenades. Fortunately for the British propaganda machine, one British soldier managed to escape and lived to tell his tale. How very convenient for the Nuremburg Show Trials and the American Military War Crimes Tribunal at Dachau, which were conducted exclusively along the lines of Soviet Show Trials in Stalinist Soviet Russia. The Soviet Communist Allies: Soviet Communist Britain, Soviet Communist Russia and Soviet Communist America had, by wars end 1945, a total monopoly on allied war propaganda against the Axis powers who formed the Anti Comintern Pact against Zionist Bolshevik Communism in the defence of Western Europe and South East Asia.
    It is my personal belief that those American soldiers that were killed in battle in December 1944, could not be buried because of the severe winter conditions, and were left where they died, and the only way that the Americans forces could exact their revenge against the SS was to stage a massacre which could then be used as “evidence” of a SS war crime against American forces. The alleged Malmedy Massacre has all of the hallmarks of the alleged massacre of British soldiers by the SS in Dunkirk, and the proven documented massacre of SS personnel at Dachau supports my contention that the alleged Malmedy Massacre was a staged propaganda exercise.
    I say with 99% certainty, that all of the alleged “war crimes” cited against German forces and Axis forces is pure invention and Soviet Communist propaganda. The simple fact is that neither British forces or American forces were any match for the German Wermacht or the German/European SS forces, and this fact reinforces the reality that neither the British or the Americans can in any way consider themselves European or Western, because as history confirms, the British and Americans have shown themselves to be the ideological enemies of Western Civilisation.
    The Soviet Communist Allies: Soviet Communist Britain, Soviet Communist Russia and Soviet Communist America allied themselves to Zionist Bolshevik Communism against European Civilisation with devastating consequences.
    These consequences continue to be echoed around the world to this day in the shape of British, American and Israeli
    Zionist (Communist) foreign policy. Iran may well become the next victim of the forces of anti-civilisation in the name of Democrazy, the coded reference for Zionist Communism.
    For the record, German forces adhered to the Geneva Conventions and the Articles of War and the conduct of German forces and the German/European SS during WW2 was exemplary and without blemish.
    Individuals within the European SS who took reprisals against communist partisans who had committed atrocities against German forces and especially SS forces and civilians, were dealt with extreme prejudice, and the execution of communist partisans constituted legitimate legal action by German forces under the Articles of War.
    The instigators of genocide: Soviet Communist Britain, Soviet Communist Russia and Soviet Communist America and their war leaders, allied to International Finance, were the historically factual war criminals who superimposed their war crimes upon Germany and senior German Government officials and German/European forces at the Soviet Show Trials at Nuremburg; and the nightmare that was the Soviet Gulag was superimposed on the work and transit camps for prisoners held in protective custody as enemies of the Reich, that morphed into the alleged:”extermination camps.”
    I am sure that there are contributors who are familiar with the date:24/3/1933 “Judea Declares War On Germany”=”Judea Declares War On Civilisation.” Judea being International Finance and International Communism.

    Comment by John-Joseph: Saintclair — February 28, 2013 @ 3:36 am

  3. To get an accurate and totally different picture of what life in Dachau had actually been like, try to read: Two Times Dachau by Ingrid Weckert at:

    From any review of the evidence it ishould be obvious that the Americans made total pigs of themselves not just on their so-called day of liberation but for many years thereafter in Dachau as well as elsewhere. . Shame on America!

    The real mass murderers and sadsts were and still are the Americans. Look at yourselves in the mirror if you can stand the sight, assholes!

    Friedrich Paul Berg
    Learn everything
    Nazi Gassings Never Happened! Niemand wurde vergast!

    Comment by Friedrich Paul Berg — February 27, 2013 @ 7:01 pm

    • Friedrich Paul Berg: I love you as a brother and I hope, fellow National Socialist. I got onto your website: ( the correct designation should be: National Socialist the term: Nazi is a vulgarisation contrived by Winstein Jacobson (fake Churchill) and his fellow Bolshevik Communist cronies Stalin and Franklin (Franklinstein) Delano Rossocampo Rosenvelt & Associates.
      I wrote down your brilliant comment:”What an ironic twist of fate that America is being destroyed today by the same people (entity) who destroyed National Socialist Germany.
      The lies and liars that destroyed National Socialist Germany are finally destroying America as well!”
      This is more than poetic justice, it is the justice of the parasite, and as The OldTest Amen (t) or The New Test Amen (t)
      says: “The sins of the fathers shall be visited unto (onto) the 7th generation.” But I ask: can the destruction of America compensate for the inhuman savagery inflicted upon Germany and Europa?
      Not even Divine Justice (Providence) can compensate Germany for the unimaginable suffering of Germany/Europe and the Axis allies in the defence of Western Civilisation and South East Asia against Bolshevik Communism.
      If America is destroyed by her internal parasites, it will follow the same pattern employed by Stalin when he placed those around him in high positions of influence and power, and when they were no longer of any use, they were destroyed. Ultimately, even Stalin was destroyed (poisoned) in what became known as the Doctors Plot.
      It is said that the mighty Stalin (Man of Steel) had the look of terror in his eyes when he was near death.
      I have concluded that there must be a heavenly paradise as a compensation mechanism for the misery and suffering inflicted on humanity and planet earth by the demonic parasites who have all but taken control of virtually every country on the planet. I have no fear of the demonic parasites destroying the planet if it necessitates the total destruction of that element of God’s Chosen (International Finance) and their followers. The end is just the start of a new beginning in a Universe so unimaginably vast that the pea sized brain function of the vast majority of people could not begin to comprehend or fathom. Jomi O O

      Comment by John-Joseph: Saintclair — February 28, 2013 @ 12:52 pm

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