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March 15, 2017

New American Heroes Channel Show entitled “Nazi Death Squads”

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The new AHC show entitled “Nazi Death Squads” is advertised as “new” but there is nothing new in the show. I’ve seen it all before, been down there on the floor, etc etc etc.

According to the AHC show, the so-called “Nazi Death Squads” were called the Einsatzgruppen by the Germans. The men in all the German SS Panzer (tank) divisions wore the Totenkopf or Death’s Head symbol on their visor caps, the same symbol that was also worn by the Einsatzgruppen when they followed behind the troops, killing the Communists and Jews, when the German Army invaded Russia on June 22, 1941. The same symbol was worn by the guards in the Nazi concentration camps.

The show is narrated by Christoper Browning. who tells everything from the Jewish side of the story. He tries to make us believe that the Jews had never done anything wrong in the entire history of the world, but in spite of the fact that the Jews were the most innocent people in the world, never ever doing anything wrong, the evil Germans killed them, only because Germans are bad people.

Before I saw this new show, I did not know that Christopher Browning is a very handsome man, and very well-spoken. This will cause many people to believe every word he says, when he was actually lying his head off.

During the show, Hitler’s Reichstag speech is quoted. Hitler is shown as he says [in German] “…the result will be the extermination of the Jews”

You can read Hitler’s words, in German, and in English, on this page of my website:

On the show, a photo of a man standing over the Jews that he has killed is shown.


An unknown perpetrator (nicknamed the “Death Dealer”) at the massacre in the LietÅ«kis garage, though possible names are known.[1]

On the AHC show, the first Jewish ghetto, Vilnius, is shown. I blogged about Vilnius on this blog post:

The photo below, which is on my website, is shown on the new AHC show.

Germans killing Jews in Vilnius Lithuania