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March 24, 2017

Wannsee Conference where the genocide of the Jews was planned

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Wannsee house where the Holocaust was allegedly  planned

You can read a recent article written by Alan Dershowitz at

The title of the article is The Origin of “Fake News” in Holocaust Denial

The following quote is from the article:

Begin quote

No reasonable person with a modicum of intelligence can actually believe that Hitler and his Nazis co-conspirators did not plan the mass extermination of Jews at the Wannsse Conference, and that they did not carry it out at death camps, such as Treblinka, Sorbibor, Majdanek and Auschwitz, Birkenau, as well as by SS mobile killing units that gathered Jews in such places as Babi Yar and the Ponary Woods.

End quote

He’s talking about me: I am not a reasonable person, according to Dershowitz, and I don’t even have a “modicum of intelligence” according to him.

Maybe I have a little bit more than a “modicum of intelligence” and that’s why I don’t believe in the Holocaust.

Alan Dershowitz continues on with this quote:

Begin quote

… let me be clear that I do not believe that any university should tolerate, in the name of academic freedom these falsehoods being taught in the classroom. There is not and should not be academic freedom to commit educational malpractice by presenting provable lies as acceptable facts. Universities must and do have standards: no credible university would tolerate a professor teaching that slavery did not exist, or that the Earth is flat. Holocaust denial does not meet any reasonable standard deserving the protection of academic freedom.

End quote

What he is saying, as I understand it, is that Holocaust denial should not be included in “free speech” which we still have in America, but not for long. It won’t be long before the USA becomes the 21st country that will not allow free speech about the Holocaust, although every other claim will still be allowed. In other words, believing in flying saucers will still be allowed but Holocaust denial will not be allowed.

Old photo of the room where the conference was held

700 at a time were sent to the Auschwitz gas chamber

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My photo of Auschwitz gas chamber

My photo above shows the gas chamber in the Auschwitz main camp.

The title of my blog post today is a quote from this news article:

The following quote is from the news article, written by Samuel Wells:

Auschwitz [main camp] is the epitome of World War II. It was originally a Polish military camp. When western Poland was annexed by Germany, Auschwitz became an internment camp for Polish elites and political prisoners. When the Final Solution was decided upon and the extinction of European Jewry was planned in earnest, the camp began to kill people in two ways: a minority worked in hideous conditions until they dropped dead—after around two months in most cases. The majority, 700 at a time, went to the gas chamber. Five other extermination camps were opened, all in what had been western Poland, but Auschwitz was overstretched, so a second camp, Auschwitz-Birkenau, opened two miles away. Each of its four gas chambers could kill 2,000 people at a time. Railroads brought people in overcrowded carriages right into the camp. When the train emptied, 20 percent of the occupants were directed to the workers’ quarters, and the rest walked half a mile down the platform and into the gas chambers. [80% of the Jews arriving at Birkenau were gassed immediately upon arrival.]

End quote

If anyone, who is reading this, thinks that a German person would put 700 people at a time in a gas chamber, you don’t know the German people. Germans are noted for being very intelligent and very precise in everything that they do.

If the Germans had wanted to kill 700 people at a time, they would have lined them up at the edge of a pit, and shot them, so that the bodies would fall into the pit, where they would be covered over with the dirt that had been shoveled out of the pit.  In fact, the Germans DID in fact kill some of their enemies this way.

My photo of the Auschwitz gas chamber

In the photo above, the door into the gas chamber is shown in the background. The door into the oven room is shown on the left hand side. The current story of the Auschwitz gas chamber maintains that the prisoners were brought through the oven room into the gas chamber, not through the door in the background, as originally claimed.

You can read all about the Auschwitz gas chamber on my website, written before I became a Holocaust denier:

The news article continues with this quote:

Begin quote

I had often wondered why Nazis used gas to achieve their grisly purposes. After visiting the camp, I knew: by giving every prisoner a number, the inmates were dehumanized; by killing them in a sealed chamber, the murderers did not have to watch their victims die, still less meet their eyes; and by using chemicals, the bodies could be disposed of relatively straightforwardly despite the enormous numbers. If soldiers had simply machine-gunned people in the ghettos, none of these things would have been the case.

End quote

No, no, no! The prisoners were not given a number BEFORE they were allegedly gassed. If they had been given numbers, we would know exactly how many were gassed, and we would have the prisoner numbers, so that we could look up their names in the records kept by the Nazis.

Has Samuel Wells, the author of the article, ever stopped to think about how 700 dead bodies, that were stacked up to the ceiling, were removed from the gas chamber?

Allegedly, after 700 people were shoved into the gas chamber, with the babies thrown on top of the adults, the gas pellets were dropped through holes in the roof of the chamber.

The babies allegedly made scratch marks near the ceiling of the gas chamber