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March 8, 2017

Hitler ran gas chambers and crematoria that murdered on average 10,000 Jews a day for three years.

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My 2005 photo of the Auschwitz gas chamber

The title of my blog post is a quote from this news article:

According to the news article, Hitler killed 3 billion, 150,000 million Jews. And still, there are many survivors who are still alive today, and out speaking to students to educate them on how horrible the German people were, and probably still are.

The news article starts off with the following quote:

Begin quote

On November 20, Phil Murphy, the likely Democratic nominee to be the next governor of New Jersey, gave a shocking speech to a group of 400 progressives in which he compared Donald Trump’s rise to power to the ascension of Adolf Hitler in Germany.

Even in the current toxic political environment, his statement crossed the line from political rhetoric to obscenity.

End quote

Will nothing stop the Jews from lying, stealing and cheating? If this keeps up, the Jews just might be Holocausted again.

Reinhard Heydrich is back in the news

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Reinhard Heydrich

You can read a recent news article about Reinhard Heydrich at

The following quote is from the news article:

Begin quote

Apart from Hitler, perhaps no one typified the evil of Nazism more so than Reinhard Heydrich. Cold, calculating, arrogant and brutal, he is a figure whose hands-on approach to dealing with perceived enemies of Germany made him author of some of the worst crimes ever perpetrated by man.

Tall, slender with smooth blond hair and a somewhat high pitched voice, he joined the SS in the early 1930’s, and quickly rose through the ranks with cutthroat efficiency, running the SS intelligence service, the Sicherheitsdienst or SD. In this office, he helped orchestrate notable events which defined Hitler’s policies by purging suspected political rivals in what became known as The Night Of The Long Knives in 1934, and terrorizing Jews in the Crystal Night pogrom of 1938.

End quote

I am not a fan of Reinhard Heydrich, but he is an interesting person who has gotten a bad rap.

Me and that Mercury stayed by side

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The title of my blog post is the title of a famous song about drag racing.

I used to own an Austin Healy 3000, which was a beat-up old wreck, that I bought for $600. My son fixed the gear shift, and worked a long time on tuning the engine.  I used to practice slipping the clutch; this was before laws on drag racing on city streets were strictly enforced.

Austin-Healey 3000 at 2010 Ottawa British Auto Show.jpg

Austin-Healy 3000

I would pull up beside a sports car, and while we were waiting for the red light to turn green, I would gun the engine to signal to the other driver that I wanted to drag race. I soon learned to do this so well that I was winning every time.

Porsche 911E ca 1969.jpg

Porshe 911 Carrera 1977

My boss at the company, where I worked, had an expensive new Porsche 911 Carrera.  It was green like the one in the picture above. He used to brag about it on a daily basis. According to him, nothing could beat a Porsche. I remember a song that had the words: “Me and that Porsche stayed by side”.

Finally, I challenged him to a drag race, where we would race “pink slip for pink slip.” If I lost, I wouldn’t be losing much.” If he lost, he would be losing $40,000 or more and his pride.

Finally, the big day arrived. I was ready, but much to my surprise, he chickened out. It’s a good thing that he did, because I think that I could have won.

“There is a biblical reason why the Jews are hated…”

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The title of my blog post today is a quote from this news article:

Begin quote:

A large glass jar held 580,000 grains of rice — the contents of a 20-pound bag — on display against a dark backdrop at St. Joseph School’s middle school campus in Sylvania.

A piece of paper next to the jar posed a somber question: “How many jars of rice would it take to represent the 7 million Jews that died during the Holocaust?”

The grim visual was the last of seven stations in a temporary Holocaust memorial museum created by Lynn Heintschel’s eighth-grade class.

The three-week-long research project is a precursor to the students’ annual visit to the Holocaust Memorial Center in Farmington Hills, Mich.

All 77 eighth graders go on the field trip, but only Ms. Heintschel’s class dedicates an entire unit to learning about the Holocaust.

End quote

The news article does not explain “the Biblical reason” in the headline of the article.

We know from the Bible that Jews are hated because the Romans wanted Jesus to be killed and they got the Jews to do it.

I think that this annual project is not a good way to teach students about Jews. The children should be taught WHY Jews have been hated since the beginning of time. And why they will continue to be hated until the end of time.

Does the Bible say that Jews are hated because they lie, steal and cheat? I don’t know; I don’t read the Bible.