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October 14, 2011

Dr. Miklos Nyiszli, the Jewish doctor who volunteered to help Dr. Josef Mengele in his experiments

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One of the earliest books about Auschwitz was written by Dr. Miklos Nyiszli and first published in the Hungarian language in a Budapest newspaper from February 16, 1947 through April 5, 1947.  My copy of the book, which is entitled Auschwitz, a Doctor’s Eye-Witness Account, was first published in English in 1960. In his book, Dr. Nyiszli describes his work as a pathologist, who assisted Dr. Josef Mengele by doing autopsies for his experiments in the Gypsy Camp at Auschwitz II, aka Birkenau. I also blogged about Dr. Nyiszli’s book here.

Yesterday, I blogged about the experiments allegedly done by Dr. Mengele in Block 10 in the main Auschwitz camp, according to information given to students by a tour guide.  Not according to Dr. Nyiszli, who wrote about Dr. Mengele doing medical experiments only at Birkenau. He did not mention that Dr. Mengele worked at the Auschwitz main camp.

On page 31 of his book, Dr. Nyiszli wrote that “Three categories of experiments were performed here (in the Gypsy camp): the first consisted of research into the origin and causes of dual births […] The second was the search to discover the biological and pathological causes for the birth of dwarfs and giants. And the third was the study of the causes and treatment of a disease commonly called “dry gangrene of the face.”  According to Dr. Nyiszli, this disease was “exceptionally rare,” but in the Gypsy Camp, it was “fairly common.”  Dr. Nyiszli wrote that “the syphilis rate in the Gypsy Camp was extremely high” and from this it had been deduced that “dry gangrene of the face” was related to “hereditary syphilis.”  Other writers refer to this disease as “Noma.”

Dr. Nyiszli wrote that he arrived at Auschwitz on a train with other Jews from Hungary in May 1944; he went through a “selection” at which Dr. Mengele asked for doctors to volunteer to work as doctors. Dr. Nyiszli was the only doctor, out of 50 doctors on that transport, who volunteered.

Because he volunteered to help the Nazi doctors, Dr. Nyiszli was given civilian clothes, and allowed to sleep in the “twelfth hospital barracks,” instead of being put into the quarantine barracks.  The twelfth hospital at Birkenau?  Yes, Dr. Nyiszli wrote that “The head doctor of barracks hospital number 12 was Dr. Levy, professor at the University of Strasbourg…”

Dr. Nyiszli is the man in the white coat

One of the survivors of the Ebensee sub-camp of Mauthausen, according to Martin Gilbert’s book “Holocaust,” was Dr. Miklos Nyiszli, who is shown in the photo above, wearing a white coat.  When Auschwitz was evacuated in January 1945, Dr. Nyiszli was among the prisoners on the death march to central Germany. As the American Army approached, he was marched again to Ebensee, a sub-camp of Mauthausen in Austria, according to Martin Gilbert.

On page 30 of his book, Dr. Nyiszli wrote about Dr. Josef Mengele’s experiments in the Gypsy camp, where Dr. Mengele was the head doctor.

This quote is from Dr. Nyiszli’s book:

…. I gazed across the barbed wire enclosure. Naked dark skinned children were running and playing.  Women with Creole-like faces and gaily colored clothes, and half naked men, seated on the ground in groups, chatted as they watched the children play. This was the famous “Gypsy Camp.”  The Third Reich’s ethnological experts had classified gypsies as an inferior race.  Accordingly, they had been rounded up, not only in Germany itself, but throughout the occupied countries, and herded here. Because they were Catholics, they were allowed the privilege of remaining in family groups.

There were about 4,500 of them in all.  They did no work, but were assigned the job of policing the neighboring Jewish camps and barracks, where they exercised their authority with unimaginable cruelty.

The Gypsy Camp offered one curiosity: the experimental barracks.  The director of the Research Laboratory was Dr. Epstein, professor at the University of Prague, a pediatrician of world renown, a KZ prisoner since 1940.  His assistant was Dr. Bendel, of the University of Paris Medical School.

On page 64 of his book, Dr. Nyiszli wrote about doing autopsies on twins for Dr. Mengele’s research on eye colors.  The quote below is from page 64:

Of the four sets of twins, three had ocular globes of different colors. One eye was brown, the other blue.  This is a phenomenon found fairly frequently in non-twins. But in the present case, I noticed that it had occurred in six out of the eight twins. […] During my examination of the four sets of twins, I discovered still another phenomenon: while removing the skin from the neck I noticed, just above the upper extremity of the sternum, a tumor about the size of a small nut.  Pressing on it with my forceps I found it to be filled with a thick pus.  This rare manifestation, well known to medical science, indicates the presence of hereditary syphilis and is called Dubois’ tumor.  Looking farther, I found that it existed in all eight twins.

As far as I recall, from my reading of Dr. Nyiszli’s book several years ago, he did not mention that Dr. Mengele experimented on turning brown eyes blue.

Dr. Nyiszli made many mistakes in his book, and some revisionists believe that his book is a complete fraud.  One mistake that he made, on page 50, was when he described how an SS man put the gas pellets into one of the underground gas chambers.  He wrote: “He advanced across the grass, where, every thirty yards, short concrete pipes jutted up from the ground.”  The grass on top of the gas chamber was shown in the movie, “The Grey Zone” which is based on his book.

The gas chambers in Krema II and Krema III at Birkenau were only 5 feet underground, and three feet above ground.  Did the Nazis plant grass on the concrete roof of the gas chamber?  The photo below shows the roof of the gas chamber in Krema II, covered by about two inches of snow.

Roof of Krema II gas chamber on the right is three feet above ground

Dr. Nyiszli wrote that the undressing room and the gas chamber were the same size and that 3,000 people could be gassed at the same time. The photo below shows the ruins of the Krema II undressing room at Birkenau.  Does this look like a room that would hold 3,000 people?

Ruins of Krema II undressing room and oven room

Undressing room at Birkenau was only 5 feet underground

Dr. Nyiszli wrote that the undressing rooms were 200 yards long.  That’s not how it looked to me when I saw the ruins in 2005.

Dr. Nyiszli mentioned Crematorium 1 several times in his book.  He was probably referring to Krema III because he said that it was close to the soccer field.  On page 68, he mentioned that the prisoners and the SS men played soccer together.

The most serious mistake that Dr. Nyiszli made in writing his book was his description of how he left the camp where he was working as a doctor.  On page 206, he described how he woke up just after midnight on January 18, 1945 and “The SS had fled.”  The following quote is from his book:

We left, filled with feverish sensation of liberation.  Direction: The Birkenau KZ, two kilometers from the crematoriums.  Immense flames glowed along the horizon there.  It was probably the KZ burning.

[…]  We left by the main gate. No one stopped us. The abrupt change seemed incredible.

He implies that he was in the main Auschwitz camp, or maybe in the Auschwitz III camp (Monowitz) and on January 18th, the day that the SS marched 60,000 prisoners out of the camp, he and a few of his fellow prisoners headed to Birkenau.  However, his description of his days in the camp before this fits the description of Birkenau.  He was in Birkenau, and he headed for Birkenau. On the next few pages, he describes the march out of Birkenau which he said lasted 20 days.  Then it took another 5 days by train to reach the main Mauthausen camp. He stayed at Mauthausen three days before being sent to the Melk an der Donau sub-camp.  On April 7, 1945, he was transferred to the Ebensee camp, the fourth camp “through whose yawning gates I had passed.”  He was liberated from Ebensee on May 5, 1945 by American soldiers.

Remarkably, Dr. Nyiszli and his wife and daughter all survived Birkenau. On the last page of his book, he wrote about being reunited with his wife and daughter.  “They were in good health and had just been freed from Bergen-Belsen, one of the most notorious of the extermination camps.”

Dr. Nyiszli died of a heart attack in 1956, at the age of 55.

In his book, Dr. Nyiszli described how he did autopsies on each child in a set of twins because Dr. Mengele killed both children in his experiments on twins.  Eva Moses Kor and her twin sister were subjects of Dr. Mengele’s experiments.  Eva Moses Kor has a new book out, “Surviving the Angel of Death,” which you can order at Amazon here.  The photo below shows the Moses twins marching out of the camp after it was liberated by Soviet soldiers.  Strangely, both Eva and her sister survived, which is not the way that Dr. Nyiszli described Dr. Mengele’s experiments.

Eva and Miriam Moses, twins in Dr. Mengele’s experiments who survived Auschwitz-Birkenau


  1. I have no ties to either the Jewish faith or to the German bloodline or beliefs, although I am very interested in the history of world war 2 as well as the concentration/extermination camps and the happenings of this time period for many reasons if not only because it seems ludacris that such horrible things could go on and on in a world such as we have today, although there are still many concentration camps to this day especially in the Asian hemisphere of the globe. But let’s not get into that….

    First and foremost there were several things that I did question while reading Dr. Nyiszli’s book,
    Although they were more on the scientific spectrum than the actual belief that he had done what he had allegedly done in his own words he states several horrible actions that he took part in. One such action would be boiling bodies, completely boiling the skin and meat off of another human, not only that, but a human that he only moments ago was speaking to and examining……do you seriously think that he just made this shit up? What kind of complete lunatic would produce such horrible lies about themselves? Can you actually place your mind into a position to where you would be forced to boil an actual human into a skeleton, how sickening this must of felt to be in such a horrible position when on the other hand, what? Death? Torture? What if he refused? We don’t know the kind of horrors he expected because we were not there.

    Why would someone write about such horrible events and put themselves as a participant if they were not there to experience these things. If, like you claim he was not actually at Auschwitz and was at Birkenau, then, let’s see, who the F*** cares? I’m sure that considering he was brought packed into a boxcar with several other people for miles and miles he probably wasn’t all too sure where the hell he actually ended up, although at the same time I am sure that he probably did gather some kind of semblance of where he was from the everyday conversations being had around him.

    You should also take into consideration that the novel was supposedly published after his death, in which case it is believe that some things were actually removed from the novel in order to make it less gruesome, in which case several things were also probably changed in order to make the novel less macabre to the general public. Not only that but the book has also been translated into English in which situation it has lost a bit of its emotional context along the way.

    All in all my point is simply, who are you to judge? To actually call a man a complete and total liar because you have found the very few and far between occurrences that don’t exactly match up to his story (such as the surviving Mengele twins) is absurd. There were a million plus people sent through that camp and you think that one surviving set of twins indicates that Dr. Nyiszli is a liar?

    Thank god that the people of the world now, are not all as closed minded and un accepting of others as you are…or as was Hitler.

    Comment by D M — February 3, 2015 @ 7:39 pm

    • Have you ever seen the TV show entitled “Bones”? In this show, dead bodies are routinely stripped of all flesh so that the bones can be examined. This is done to determine cause of death — murder or accidental death. The main character in the show has the nickname “Bones” because she is an expert on the bones of dead bodies. She can tell at a glance, before the bones are stripped of all flesh, whether the victim is male or female and the approximate age of the victim.

      I wrote about the possibility that Dr. Nyszli did not write his book, but copied from another book, on this blog post:

      Comment by furtherglory — February 4, 2015 @ 9:01 am

  2. He is NOT Dr. Nyiszli in the white coat!

    Comment by Zsolt Burján — October 22, 2012 @ 1:15 am

    • I have always suspected that the man in the white coat is not Dr. Nyiszli. However, he allegedly identified himself in the photo. Do you have proof that it is not Dr. Nyiszli?

      Comment by furtherglory — October 22, 2012 @ 5:11 am

  3. Further glory ,
    I would really like to laud you on your FINE research , I take every opportunity to re-post all your most informative posts on FACEBOOK , Hololocaust Lies Exposed , I would like to take the opportunity to invite you to PLEASE join our forum .
    Robert Schmidt

    Comment by Robert Schmidt — October 15, 2011 @ 10:44 am

  4. After the war, Ebensee concentration camp Ebensee Konzentrationslager was used as a Displaced Persons’ DP camp.
    Tensions flared between the 500 Jews amidst a majority of Polish DPs, partly because the camp’s UNRRA administration was made up entirely of Poles, except one Jew.
    To ease tensions, Judah Nadich, General Dwight Eisenhower’s first advisor on Jewish affairs in Europe, investigated the Jewish DP situation in Ebensee, and most of the Jewish DPs were transferred to Bad Gastein.

    Comment by Herbert Stolpmann — October 15, 2011 @ 12:53 am

  5. Let us look carefully on the picture of Dr. Miklos Nyiszli et al.
    We can see clearly the healthy looking inmates of Ebensee sub-camp standing in from of the cart full of bodies of emaciated bodies. Two persons on the left are grinning, for no apparent reasons. It does not appear that anyone had been starving on that picture. Except the dead bodies.
    The dead bodies on the cart are displaying the very early signs of decomposition. That means, they have died just a few days ago. They have no evidence of bloating, as of yet. In the same time, the bodies are almost completely emaciated. These people died from starvation within extended period of time. They had been literally reduced to “skin & bones” state by the same people, who are standing around them on the picture.
    I have never heard about sub-camp Ebensee before. Who were the inmates of that camp anyway?
    In National Socialist Germany everyone, who was sentenced to time in prison for more than six months, would be sent to concentration camp. The sentence for over six month could be for any non-violent crimes.
    Those categories could include: domestic abuse, vehicular homicide, etc. Maybe some of them were serving only nine or twelve months term.
    But, it also means, that non-violent inmates could be placed in the same camp with the career criminals, political prisoners, who could be career criminals, as well, the underground and guerilla fighters, who know better about the survival skills.
    This picture alone, disproves all holocaust claims. There would not be body scenes like that, if Miklos Nyiszli would share some of his food with the dead people on the cart.
    Further Glory,
    Would you mind to add that picture to your post dated 10/10/11 and I will add that comment there as well.

    Comment by Gasan — October 14, 2011 @ 8:51 pm

    • You need to check your history. There was in fact an Ebensee camp. I believe it was a subcamp at Auschwitz. You have to remember that Auschwitz took up a huge geograpical area. There was also a subcamp called Canada. Read Rudolf Hoess’ memoirs for more info on Auschwitz. He was the Kommandant.

      Comment by Barry Urry — November 17, 2011 @ 1:44 pm

      • Ebensee was a sub-camp of Mauthausen, which I mentioned on my blog post. Canada was not a sub-camp of Auschwitz. Canada was the name that the prisoners gave to the clothing warehouses at the Auschwitz II camp, aka Birkenau.

        Comment by furtherglory — November 17, 2011 @ 4:07 pm

    • Well, if you would read the book , any book wrote by former prizoners from the Camp , perhaps you would know that people from sonderkomando , that means prizoners who worked in crematorium had a lot of food , vodka And other stuf from those who got killed . They was in separatystów building , they could’t visit other prisoners . Yeah , they didn’t suffer because of lack of food , but they also didn’t live too long ! After few months all prisoners from this kommando was killed And burn And then Germans replaced them by new prisoners . It is so easy to comment about something we never experienced siting in nice room with laptop . You think that those who survived made all these stories because they had nothing better to do ?! The worst thing is that all who died there in absolutely horrible way probably died in vain because of ignorants like you . So give them a favour And at least don’t make such a idiotic comments in public because honestly i don’t think that any of survivors from this place would like to even look at you after he would read your crap . This is just unbelievable !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Comment by Marcus — June 19, 2014 @ 9:40 am

    • And who are you pants to be such an expert about concentration camps ???? Have you ever even Been in one ? You have absolutely no idea how this death machine worked !! I don’t know what you have Been read but to me this all sounds like totally nonsense . First of all you should know ( because apparently you have no clue about it ) that Germans didn’t give a damn about such a thing like segregation criminals from non criminals . They of course gave them special stripes , each one in different Color ( you probably didn’t know that eather ! ) so they could see if this prisoner is criminal or political , or prostytute or similar stuff . Very often capo ( And that means the prisoner who was a supervisor for other prisoners ) was some asshole with criminal past And then he really tortured others having small privileges what of course made Germans happy because they had a lot of fun watching those guys . I can’t believe that you start talking about those thing having no clue what you really talking about !! Perhaps instead of trying to proof here some bizzare ideas you should grab some book wrote by those who survived this nightmare And read a little about it !!!! Personally i don’t think you would survive in this place longer than a week , with your idiotic believe in all this what you just wrote . Perhaps some other prisoner would help you a little showing how to steal some potatoe or showing you how to hide from capo to avoid beating so you could somehow survive to relate about it others . Although probably somebody will tell you then that you just made all those stories . So , good luck with that !!

      Comment by York — June 19, 2014 @ 10:13 am

  6. Further Glory,
    In modern Germany the word “Gypsy” (Zigeuner) is no longer politically correct. The correct name is “Sinti und Roma”. Whatever, that’s supposed to mean. Please, remember that, when you travel to Germany next time. 🙂
    Miklos Nyiszli mentioned in his book Dr. Berthold Epstein, a prominent jewish pediatrician from Prague. Dr. Epstein died in 1962. He was indeed researching “noma”, some sort of oral gangrene, which was found only among “Sinti und Roma” children. At the present time, this illness could be found only in Africa. Dr. Epstein, allegedly, had testified in the Soviet War Crimes trials. Maybe he did, but his testimonies are nowhere to be found. I am inclined to think, that his testimonies would rather discredit the official story.
    In any case: he did not write a book about his personal experience of working closely with Josef Mengele.
    Most likely, Dr. Epstein was also researching Tay-Sachs syndrome as well.

    Comment by Gasan — October 14, 2011 @ 7:29 pm

    • I took a class in German a couple of years ago. This was a class where the students learned by talking to each other in social situations. One of the words that came up was Zigeuner because there is a “Zigeuner Schnitzel” on some restaurant menus now in Germany. I knew what Zigeuner meant, which impressed the teacher. I did not get the impression that this word was not used in Germany.

      I don’t think the doctors at Auschwitz would have been researching Tay-Sachs because people who suffer from this hereditary condition do not live more than two or three years. There would not have been many prisoners who had this condition.

      Comment by furtherglory — October 14, 2011 @ 10:08 pm

  7. You can read Miklos Nyiszli’s “Auschwitz: A Doctor’s Eyewitness Account” here; it’s in MOBI or EPUB format. You can convert it in PDF, MS Word, .txt or whatever you wish here in a matter of seconds.

    You may watch The Grey Zone as well.

    A notable point in Nyiszli’s book is the luxury, if not the opulence, in which lived the Sonderkommando guys.

    After the “death march” too, the evil Nazis had nothing more urgent than to usher the “survivors” into a hot shower, how cruel!

    This book, like every Holocaust survivor testimony, merely disproves any alleged extermination claim.

    Comment by Eager for Answers — October 14, 2011 @ 6:24 pm

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