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February 27, 2012

Has the gallows, on which Rudolf Hoess was hanged at Auschwitz, been moved?

I’ve been reading more here about the recent trip to Auschwitz made by British students on a Holocaust Education Trust tour.  I was intrigued by the following information in the article written by Mike Pyle, a reporter who accompanied the students on the trip:

We stood outside the house of Rudolf Hoss, (sic) effectively the manager of the camp, where he lived with his family just a few hundred yards from Block 11.

Outside it stands the gallows he was hanged from in 1947. Our HET educator for the day, Nicole Sarsby, challenged us to think of how this man was able to bring up his family in such circumstances.

The name of the first Commandant of Auschwitz was Rudolf Hoess. (In German the name is spelled Höß or Höss.) Hoess was an officer in the SS; he had received his training at Dachau and had then been assigned to the Sachsenhausen camp before becoming the Commandant of Auschwitz in May 1940.  You can read here about the numerous statements made by Rudolf Hoess in which he confessed that millions of Jews were gassed at Auschwitz.

The house where Rudolf Hoess lived is shown in the two photos below.

The rear of the house where Rudolf Hoess lived with his family at Auschwitz

The front of the house where Rudolf Hoess lived at Auschwitz

The house where Rudolf Hoess formerly lived with his wife and children is now occupied by new residents.  I took the photo above in October 2005.  I wonder what the current residents think about the hundreds of British students parading past their home, gawking at the reconstruction of the gallows where Rudolf Hoess was hanged.  Note that I took the photo from across the street, so as not to invade the privacy of the current occupants.

The article written by Mike Pyle mentions that the house where Rudolf Hoess lived was “just a few hundred yards from Block 11.”  The photo below, which I took in September 1998, shows Block 11.

Block 11 was the prison block at the Auschwitz main camp

The rear of Block 11 faces the street where Hoess lived

When I visited Auschwitz in 2005, a reconstructed model of the gallows on which Rudolf Hoess was hung, was located near the gas chamber building in the main Auschwitz camp.

Reconstructed gallows near the gas chamber building in Auschwitz main camp

The photo above shows the reconstructed gallows on which Rudolf Hoess, the Commandant of Auschwitz, was hanged on April 16, 1947. The steps on the far right in the photo are the original steps of the building which housed the Political Department (Gestapo branch office). One can see the outline of where the building once stood. The reconstructed gallows stands on the spot where the Political Department building used to be.

The small hole in the ground with an arched covering over it, located next to the street, is a one-man air raid shelter for an SS guard to jump into, in case there was no time to make it into the air raid shelter in the former gas chamber. There are several of these shelters scattered around the Auschwitz I camp. During air raids the prisoners would take cover in the basements of the barracks buildings.

The Auschwitz complex was targeted by the Allies, not because the Jews were being gassed there, but because the factories near the camp were extremely important to the German war effort. In 1944,  the Auschwitz main camp received a direct hit from Allied bombs and one of the barracks buildings was damaged.

Close-up of the reconstructed gallows

I’m confused.  Has the reconstructed gallows now been moved from this spot?  Was it moved because tourists are now shuffled through the gas chamber from the other side of the building, not from the door on the side where the reconstructed gallows was located when I visited the camp in 1998?  The photo below shows the door into the gas chamber building that was constructed when the gas chamber was converted into an air raid shelter.  When I visited Auschwitz in 1998, I was told that this was the door through which the victims entered the gas chamber. At that time, tour guides were still telling visitors that the gas chamber was original, not a reconstruction done by the Soviet Union.  The door shown in the photo below was not there when the gas chamber was in operation.

Visitors to Auschwitz in 1998 were told that this was the door into the gas chamber

Here is another quote from the article about the student trip to Auschwitz:

Our day started, after an early flight into Krakow, in the nearby town of Oswiecim. The Nazis chose to build Auschwitz there because it had one of the largest Jewish populations in the country – 68 per cent of the population, around 7,000 people.

Wait a minute! The Nazis chose to build the Auschwitz camp in Oswiecim because there were already 7,000 Jews there and they would not have to transport them to another place?  I don’t think so.

Before the German invasion of Poland on September 1, 1939, Oswiecim was a town with a population 12,000, of which 7,000 residents were Jewish. The Jews, who had lived for over 500 years in the town, which they called Oshpitzin, were evacuated by the Nazis to three different ghettos in 1941, but eventually ended up back at Auschwitz, where most of them perished in the Auschwitz II death camp.

The plan to establish a concentration camp at Auschwitz was first announced by Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler on April 27, 1940.  Konzentrationslager Auschwitz, the main camp, was originally opened on June 14, 1940, as just another concentration camp, in the former Polish military garrison in Zazole, a district of the town of Auschwitz. Thirty German criminals, who were prisoners in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, were brought to Auschwitz in May 1940 to convert the garrison into a prison camp. Throughout its existence, the Nazis called Auschwitz a concentration camp, not an extermination camp or Vernichtungslager. The term “extermination camp” was coined by the Allies and initially, it applied to all the Nazi camps.

At first, the Auschwitz main camp, known as the Stammlager, was only a camp for Polish political prisoners, including some Jews, and German common criminals, who assisted the Nazis in supervising the other prisoners. The first transport to the Auschwitz concentration camp consisted of 728 Polish inmates of the Gestapo prison at Tarnow. They were mostly university students, including a few Jews, who had joined the Polish Resistance. The Polish Army never surrendered to the Germans and no Armistice was ever signed. The Poles continued to fight during World War II, but as insurgents or illegal combatants, not as soldiers on the battlefield. When captured, the Polish resistance fighters were sent to Auschwitz or other concentration camps such as Buchenwald and Dachau.

Hoess was relieved of his duties as Commandant of Auschwitz-Birkenau in 1944 and sent to Oranienburg to replace Arthur Liebehenschel as the Senior Director of WVHA, the SS Economic Department. On December 1, 1944, Liebehenschel became the new Commandant of Auschwitz, but only the Auschwitz I camp, not the whole Auschwitz-Birkenau complex.

Hoess was fired because he was allegedly having an affair with a woman prisoner in Block 11 at the Auschwitz I camp. The woman, Eleanore Hodys, told her story to the American liberators at Dachau and it was included in a book entitled Dachau Liberated, The Official Report by The U.S. Seventh Army. In the book, she was identified only as E.H.

Dr. Georg Konrad Morgen, an SS judge who was assigned to investigate corruption in the Auschwitz camp, allegedly learned of the affair and fired Hoess from his position as Commandant of Auschwitz-Birkenau.  Hoess returned to Auschwitz in April 1944 to supervise the gassing of the Hungarian Jews at Auschwitz II, aka Birkenau.  He was the one who ordered that the train tracks be extended inside the Birkenau camp, right up to the gas chambers in Krema II and Krema III.

Railroad tracks were extended into Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp in 1944

I have deduced that the British students are given the standard spiel of misinformation about Auschwitz, including all the common mistakes included in the Holocaust story.  They are probably told that Rudolf Hoess was put on trial at Nuremberg and that he confessed.  I doubt that the students are told that Hoess was tortured by the British until he confessed.

Photo of Rudolf Hoess after he was captured by the Jewish Brigade

Rudolf Höss was arrested by the British near Flensburg, Schleswig- Holstein, Germany on March 11, 1946. He was turned over to the Supreme National Tribunal in Poland on May 25, 1946 and was put on trial in 1947. He was convicted and sentenced to be hanged. Three months after he was hanged at the main Auschwitz camp, the former camps at Auschwitz and Birkenau officially became the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum.

The British were able to find Rudolf Hoess, after he had been hiding on a farm for eight months, because they contacted his family and threatened to turn his son over to the Soviet Union to be sent to Siberia unless they revealed his hiding place.

The following quote is from page 179 of the book entitled “Death Dealer,”  allegedly written by Rudolf Hoess and edited by Steven Paskuly; it was first published in 1992:

On March 11, 1946, at 11 p.m., I was arrested. My vial of poison had broken just two days before. The arrest was successful because I was frightened at being awakened out of a sound sleep. I assumed that it was a robbery because there were a lot of them occurring in the area.

I was treated terribly by the [British] Field Security Police. I was dragged to Heide and, of all places, to the same military barracks from which I had been released eight months before by the British. I do not know what was in the transcript, or what I said, even though I signed it, because they gave me liquor and beat me with a whip. It was too much even for me to bear. The whip was my own. By chance it had found its way into my wife’s luggage. My horse had hardly ever been touched by it, much less the prisoners. Somehow one of the interrogators probably thought that I had constantly used it to whip the prisoners.

After a few days I was taken to Minden on the Weser River, which was the main interrogation center in the British zone. There they treated me even more roughly, especially the first British prosecutor, who was a major. The conditions in the jail reflected the attitude of the first prosecutor.

Surprisingly, after three weeks I was shaved, my hair was cut, and I was allowed to wash myself. My handcuffs had not been opened since my arrest. The next day, I was taken by car to Nuremberg together with a prisoner of war who had been brought over from London as a witness in Fritsche’s defense. Compared to where I had been before, imprisonment with the IMT [International Military Tribunal] was like staying in a health spa.

At the Nuremberg International Military Tribunal, Rudolf Hoess was called as a defense witness by Kurt Kauffmann, the lawyer for Ernst Kaltenbrunner, on April 15, 1946. This “opened the door” for an affidavit signed by Hoess to be entered into the proceedings of the Nuremberg IMT and gave the prosecution the opportunity to cross-examine Hoess on the witness stand on April 15, 1946.

The first confession signed by Hoess was labeled by the Allies as Nuremberg Document No-1210. It was an 8-page typewritten document written in German. Hoess wrote the date 14.3.1946 2:30 (March 14, 1946 2:30 a.m.) next to his signature. This date was three days after his capture on March 11, 1946. Hoess had been beaten half to death; alcohol had been poured down his throat, and he had been kept awake for three days and nights before he finally signed this confession at 2:30 in the morning.

A second affidavit signed by Rudolf Hoess on April 5, 1946 was labeled by the Allies at the Nuremberg IMT as document PS-3868. It was a typewritten document, about 2 and a quarter pages long, written in English. A second document, also labeled PS-3868, was purported to be the English translation of the original deposition given by Hoess in German. The second document was the one that was entered into the proceedings of the Nuremberg IMT.

During his cross-examination of Rudolf Hoess, American prosecutor Col. Harlan Amen quoted from the second affidavit which was alleged to be the English translation of a deposition given by Hoess in German. After reading each statement made by Hoess in his affidavit, Col Amen asked Hoess if this was what he had said and Hoess answered “Jawohl.” [the English equivalent would be “Yes, indeed.”]

A copy of one of the confessions given by Hoess, after he was tortured half to death, is displayed at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.  The photo shows Jews walking to the gas chamber, carrying their bundles.

The confession of Rudolf Hoess displayed at the USHMM


  1. If you think Hoess’s confession is no good because of the uncontroverted evidence of physical coercion by his British captors, then ask youself this: what about his lengthy memoir (“Death Dealer”) that he wrote for a year or more (in agonizing detail, I might add) before his execution while incarcerated; all well after the initial torture after capture and all the while knowing he would never be pardoned. This memoir contains details and structure that can only have come from someone who…was the Commandant of AUSCHWITZ-BIRKENAU! There is much reflection from this disturbed person in this book. He admits it all – the murder of the children, zyklon B, conversion of krematoria from mere cremation structures to murder machines, the looting of the victims, the complicity of his higher ups all the way to Himmler, his involvement in Treblinka nightmare and his deciding between zyklon B and carbon monoxide as in Treblinka and Chelmno. And, when Himmler decided to slaughter all the Jews he could get his hands on in Hungary, he had Hoess come back for an encore performance at good old Birkenau. And Hoess accepted the honor and increased the efficiency of the killing process there until the job was done – over a 250,000 more and maybe 400,000. Good job Rudy! Knew ya could do it. Gotta follow dem orders, man. Not your fault, man.

    Comment by jack mcdavid — September 29, 2012 @ 5:56 pm

    • That “memoir” has been thoroughly debunked. Are the believers at least willing to admit that Hoess made a false confessions initially? The whole story stinks from the story to the end and Hoess own real biography demonstrates that. He lived right next to the camp with his entire family, even had canoe trips with his kids in the river Sola in the middle of the Auschwitz camp complex. They had domestic servants from the camps. Clerks in the political department were Jews (i.e. Raya Kagan), etc. etc.

      Comment by Andreas Meyer — July 8, 2014 @ 8:59 am

  2. All of you who nitpick about details are pathetic. And the lies you tell are beyond words. “These Jews”???? What does that mean? Jews are people just as you are, but for some reason your hatred continues century after century against them. Jews are not allowed to “go on” about the Holocaust, but you are somehow entitled to hate them more than 2000 years after those ridiculous epics called “gospels” said that “The ‘Jews’ killed Jesus.” The Romans – who had captured Jerusalem and were in charge – killed Jesus, who was Jewish. Yet, more than 2000 years later, Jews are never allowed to forget that they “killed Jesus.” On the other hand, they’re not allowed to discuss the Holocaust which ended (more-or-less) 67 years ago, and in which more than 6 million of them were murdered. INCIDENTALLY, management of the Auschwitz Museum and Memorial is down to the Polish people. During Communism, the Communists were responsible for it, and now it is run entirely by Polish Catholics who are responsible for everything they change and every single word their guides tell tourists. Stop blaming Jews, and take a good look at your disgusting selves.

    Comment by Sheila McLaren — April 1, 2012 @ 8:38 pm

    • Sheila, I heartily agree with all but you said, wow, as a Christian, the “ridiculous epic” comment was unnecessary. I can’t speak to the Catholic Church’s issues over the centuries in the time alloted, but the Bible teaches Jew and Gentile (that is, all humanity) was responsible for the death of Christ (Jewish religious leaders rejected and betrayed, while only the Roman occupiers had authority to apply death penalty) – that way His sins would be sufficient for all who believed, Jew and Gentile alike. And since, the New Testament instructs disciples (Jews) to spread Gospel to the JEW FIRST and then to the Gentile…from the true Biblical perspective, we’re all in this life and death thing together and none of us are getting out of here (earth) alive. As to the holocaust, I think Jews have a right to “go on” about it all they want. As a legitimate conservative, I fear the power of the state aimed at a group due to racial or any other unjust reason (ideological). The holocaust shows in horrible detail just how much suffering and death can happen when the power of an industrial state turns its wheels against outnumbered, isolated, unarmed, pacified (from generations of beat-downs) and villified people. They annihilated a whole people (European Jewry) and their writings and history… and their children due to one man of destiny and his manaical, murderous fantasies (announced in his own hand over a decade before this nightmare unfolded). I swear, it seems like there are some out there that would like to “do ‘er again.” Incredible. Peace.

      Comment by jack mcdavid — September 29, 2012 @ 6:16 pm

  3. The whole thing has one principle problem which nobody of those who profit from this problem will be able to solve: Any piece of paper written or signed under torture cannot be called a “confession”. It is a confirmation of the cruelty and effectiveness of the torturer, nothing more. Torture is unethical, immoral and a crime against humanity, independant from the person being tortured. Hoess “confessed” a camp named “Wolcowitz” or something similar which came out never to have existed even by the name of the place. For those reasons EVERYTHING received from Hoess and from all others having “confessed” under torture must be deleted as evidence from history. Nobody can pick those parts out of such a foul confession which confirm own greatness and the guilt of the others. Applying this procedure reveals that until our present time we are ready to accept torture and cruelties if those are benefitial to ourselves. In the witch trials we agree today that the confessions of witchcraft were wrong. In addition we don’t even take into account that other details like having had sex with the devil, which also was confessed by all witches, could have been the truth, Those confessions receive what they deserve – to be dumped into the deepest trash can. However the handling of the Nazi confessions is different. From those we think we can keep some parts because we like those parts. This puts ourselves on the same level of brutality. We only condemn the alleged evilness of the Nazis. The Nazi in ourselves we protect. In Auschwitz I would place mirrors on the walls, nothing else.

    Comment by — February 29, 2012 @ 1:28 pm

  4. “Thus Vienna’s Zionist Neue National-Zeitung reported in 1913 that of thirty-nine white slave traders in Galicia, thirty-eight were Jewish.”

    Comment by The Black Rabbit of Inlé — February 28, 2012 @ 9:41 am

    • Thanks a million for providing this link to your blog. I read the book “Hitler’s Vienna” by Dr. Haman and learned about the Jewish connection to “white slavery” from the book. When I mentioned “white slavery” on my blog, with regard to the Jews in the town of Auschwitz, I could not remember where I read this, and I did not give a source. I have now added the source to my blog post, thanks to you. I am amazed that no one called me on this and demanded a source for such an incriminating statement. I don’t know how old you are, but I grew up in the 1930s when “white slavery” was openly discussed. The Mann Act was passed to stop this practice in America.

      Comment by furtherglory — February 28, 2012 @ 10:05 am

      • Thanks FG. I’d not heard of the Mann Act before.

        I’m 36 and born and bred on the outskirts of Greater London, so when I went to school, the Holocaust wasn’t the
        quasi-religious issue it is today, we never had Holy Jewish survivors coming to our school to relate their tales of woe.

        Comment by The Black Rabbit of Inlé — February 28, 2012 @ 5:11 pm

        • That’s the power of the HET. They were formed in 1988 and it no doubt took them awhile to really get going. Here is there god-awful web site:

          Comment by Carolyn Yeager — February 28, 2012 @ 6:41 pm

  5. Dr. Alfred Seidl (1911 – 1993) was German lawyer, who in the late 1950s became a Bavarian politician, but during the immediate post-war period, he acted as defence lawyer for several prominent Nazis. At the main Nuremberg trial he defended Hans Frank and Rudolph Hess, he represented Oswald Pohl, and later defendants in the IG Farben Nuremberg Military tribunal..

    During the Pohl Trial, Dr. Seidl claims that Hoess appeared as a prosecution witness at the IMT:

    “BIELSKI: Yes. The statement made by Hoess I shall call a lie because what we knew in that respect was much more than what Hoess wanted to say in his statement.
    SEIDL: And you call Hoess’ statement a lie?
    BIELSKI: Yes.
    SEIDL: Even if I tell you that he was a witness for the prosecution?”

    NMT Green Series Volume. 5: United States v. Oswald Pohl, et. al. (Case 4: ‘Pohl Case’). US Government Printing Office, District of Columbia: 1950. p.661.

    Comment by The Black Rabbit of Inlé — February 28, 2012 @ 9:23 am

    • The testimony that Hoess gave helped the prosecution, but he was a defense witness for Ernst Kaltenbrunner. You can read his testimony at

      Comment by furtherglory — February 28, 2012 @ 9:49 am

      • Thanks, I did a lot of research on Hoess’ appearance at the IMT, and Dr. Kauffmann (Kaltenbrunner’s lawyer) definitely called Hoess:

        Transcript April 13, 1946:

        COL. AMEN: That was to have been my last document, Your Lordship; so that concludes the crossexamination, except for one point. There is a witness named Hoess, who is called on behalf of the defendant, and through whom I would like to introduce two exhibits. If he is not to be called, however, then I would like to introduce those exhibits through the defendant. So I am wondering whether we could obtain a definite statement as to whether or not the witness Hoess is actually to be called by the Defense.

        THE PRESIDENT: Dr. Kauffmann, are you proposing to call Hoess?

        DR. KAUFFMANN: Yes.

        Hoess was also questioned by four other defence lawyers and two prosecutors whilst on the stand on April 15, 1946.

        It just struck me as odd that a man as deeply involved in the IMT/NMT at other Nazis trial should have said that he was a prosecution witness.

        Comment by The Black Rabbit of Inlé — February 28, 2012 @ 5:20 pm

  6. “Note that I took the photo from across the street, so as not to invade the privacy of the current occupants.”

    You’re evidently a more considerate man than me furtherglory, I even took photos of their cats.

    Comment by The Black Rabbit of Inlé — February 28, 2012 @ 8:55 am

  7. “When I visited Auschwitz in 1998, I was told that this was the door through which the victims entered the gas chamber. At that time, tour guides were still telling visitors that the gas chamber was original, not a reconstruction done by the Soviet Union. ”

    When I was on my tour in 2009, there was a large sign where we entered the building, with two diagrams: before and after the reconstruction. The guide said it didn’t really change anything and all the sheep agreed. I was the only one that wanted to talk about it. The gallows was in the empty space to the right, just like in your pictures. This attracted the interest. For the life of me, I cannot recall what the entrance looked like. It doesn’t make sense to move that rinky-dink gallows (also not original) to the former commandant’s house, unless they are building something in that empty space.

    “Our HET educator for the day, Nicole Sarsby …” you see how HET sends its indoctrinators along to make sure the students don’t see, hear or think something they shouldn’t. And the British Government sponsors this! They turn their young people over to these Jews for “education.”

    Comment by Carolyn Yeager — February 28, 2012 @ 6:12 am

    • I show a photo of the two diagrams on this page of my website:

      The guides were still telling visitors in 1998 that the gas chamber in the main camp was original. We entered through the door that was cut when the “gas chamber” was converted to a bomb shelter. That door has a peephole, but the peephole was obviously tended to be a peephole to look out, not to look into the “gas chamber.”

      There were many people who were charged with the crime of Holocaust denial because they said that the “gas chamber” at Auschwitz was a reconstruction, including David Irving. Did those people get an apology and restitution for being falsely accused, after the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum finally admitted that the gas chamber was a reconstruction? I don’t think so. They still carry the title of Holocaust Denier before their name.

      Comment by furtherglory — February 28, 2012 @ 8:23 am

  8. Hoess could have answered ‘Jawohl” to statements that were not the same statements he was hearing through his headphones and that were entered into the official court proceedings.

    If he could understand English, as claimed in his ‘memoirs’, why did he even need a court translator at Nuremberg?

    – Whilst answering questions in English from American prosecutor {Jew} John Amen, at the main Nuremberg trial, Hoess wore headphones, through which he could hear the translator, and he answered all the questions in German, even his many (30+) single word answers were “jawohl,” German for “yes.” –

    After reading the ‘confessions’ signed by Hoess, it is clear they were wrote by Jewish propagandists, intent to implant the holohoax narrative into the public’s consciousness. The Big Lie Technic. The ‘confessions’ are just so ridiculous; pouring fat over burning bodies burnt in pits dug beneath the water table, smashing the remaining burnt human debris with wooden hammers, throwing the ashes into the river, a fictional camp that didn’t exist, numbers of corpses that would be mathematically impossible to burn in the supposed time-scale, Hungarian Jews killed that hadn’t even been arrested yet, et al. Maybe even Hoess answered affirmative, wrongly assuming that Anglo-Saxons’ could not possibly be that gullible?

    Whatever the case, Hoess’s fate was sealed the moment he was arrested. It is painfully obvious that this honourable man was subjected to all manor of psychological and physical abuse. His wife and family would have been first and foremost in his mind. Like most of us, he would have done anything to save them.

    Awaiting another show trial in Poland, it is certain that his memoirs were either falsified, or wrote under extreme duress at the mercy of his brutish Jewish interrogators. I do however find this passage from a final letter to his wife revealing:

    “Most of the terrible and horrible things that took place [at Auschwitz] I learned only during this investigation and during the trial itself. I cannot describe how I was deceived, how my directives were twisted, and all the things they had carried out supposedly under my orders. I certainly hope that the guilty will not escape justice.”

    It was maybe a small victory for Heoss that the double meaning of these words passed the scrutiny of his Jewish captors. I too hope that those guilty of carrying out the twisted directives of the Holohoax will not escape justice.

    Comment by robert wright (@elviswinehouse) — February 27, 2012 @ 10:49 pm

    • I have the deposition, that Hoess signed after he was tortured, on my website at

      On that same page of my website, I have the text of the affidavit that was entered into the Nuremberg IMT.

      The deposition contains many mistakes which I have pointed out on my website. This is the kind of information that the students should be studying, especially because it was the British that obtained this confession through torture. Palestine was a British mandate during World War II. If the British had allowed the Jews to set up a state in Palestine before World War II, the Holocaust would not have happened. This is what the British students should be learning, instead of dwelling on how Hoess was able to raise his children in a house that was close to Block 11, which was a prison for Resistance fighters who were given a trial before they were shot at the Black Wall.

      Comment by furtherglory — February 28, 2012 @ 8:13 am

    • I visited your blog which you linked to in the name on your comment. Lots of valuable information!!!

      You did not identify the large photo at the top of your blog. My guess is that it is a photo of Rudolf Hess walking around the prison yard at Spandau prison, which has since been torn down. Is that correct?

      Comment by furtherglory — February 28, 2012 @ 8:53 am

      • Yes, it is a photo of a man walking within Spandau prison who was purported to be Rudolf Hess. I had to resize the image to get it to fill the page so he appears slightly more squatter than in the original. I cannot imagine the torment that this man went through all those years locked up. The image haunts me.
        My blog is just a collection of material I find enlightening. I am indebted to all the bloggers, truth seekers and Revisionists out there, (such as Carolyn Yeager) et al., who have the courage and intelligence to critique the orthodox paradigm. This quote sums up my thinking entirely:

        “One of the most painful experiences in life is the cognitive dissonance caused by the realisation that nearly everything we have been taught about our world is a lie.”

        I do not believe any Jews were gassed, let alone 6 million of them. I don’t believe there were any homicidal gassing chambers. I simply don’t see any evidence for this claim that stands up to scrutiny. I believe Hitler’s final solution was to expel Jews from Europe to the far off interior of Russia. Certainly many Jews were executed by the German army, but I believe, on the whole, they were executed because they were Partisans and Resistance fighters. Certainly many Jews died in the German camps during the last stages of the war of disease and starvation.

        I was not alive during that time to test and evaluate my beliefs. But today I am alive and I can see, test, and evaluate the reality around me. The information being told to me today about 9/11, the Iraqi invasion, the NATO bombing of Libya, the disinformation being told to me about Syria, the economic recession caused by the banks etc., I can weigh up and come to a really solid conclusion about. I can see how that today Jews are conspiring together to promote their own self interest resulting in complete horror and terror for other people who are not Jewish, like the Libyan’s and Iraqi’s. This leads me to be quite confident that Jews were doing the same self serving conspiring back then, with no regard for the truth or for the consequences to other non Jews.

        Comment by 911 ✡ ✈▌▌ (@elviswinehouse) — February 28, 2012 @ 7:40 pm

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