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June 28, 2017

WWII justified by former German soldiers

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Listen to former German soldiers talk about World War II.

Who blew up the buildings at Auschwitz-Birkenau — the Germans or the Russians?

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I am writing this blog post in answer to an argument that is going on in the comment section of my blog.

This quote is from the comments:

Begin quote

“….the Germans started breaking down those buildings [at AuschwitzBirkenau] before the Soviets got there.

You and FG’s “theory” that the Soviets blew up those buildings matches no reality, Jim.

End quote

The following quote, regarding this subject, is from my website: [My website is kosher — written before I became a Holocaust denier.]

Begin quote from my website:

Old photo of Crematorium III at Auschwitz-Birkenau

In May 1944, the railroad tracks at Auschwitz-Birkenau were extended from the train station into the camp so that the trains carrying the Hungarian Jews could be brought inside the camp. The old photo above shows the tracks a few feet from the 10-foot high barbed wire fence around Krema III.

According to a book [which I purchased from the Auschwitz Museum], Crematorium III was blown up by the Nazis on Jan. 20, 1945, the same day that Crematorium II was destroyed [allegedly by the Nazis].

A book from the U.S. Holocaust Museum entitled “The World Must Know” by Michael Berenbaum says that “Soviet troops entered Birkenau on January 18, 1945.” January 18th was the same day that 60,000 prisoners were being death-marched out of Auschwitz-Birkenau by the Nazis.

Krema II and Krema III were both T-shaped brick buildings which were mirror images. Each of these buildings had an [alleged] underground gas chamber where Jews were murdered with Zyklon-B, a poison gas that was also used for delousing the clothing at Auschwitz-Birkenau. Both buildings are now nothing but ruins; they were [allegedly] blown up by the fleeing Nazis on Jan. 20, 1945, two days after the camp was abandoned [and the prisoners were marched out].

End quote from my website

Allegedly, the Nazis came back two days after they had abandoned the camp, and destroyed these buildings, so as to leave no evidence behind. Or was it the Jewish prisoners who destroyed these buildings in order prove their future Holocaust story? Or maybe the Russians destroyed the buildings! Who knows!


The Holocaust survivor who jumped off a cliff to save himself

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The following quote is from a news article which you can read in full at

The photo above shows Holocaust survivor Ed Mosberg who is still alive

Begin quote from news article:

Later, [Ed] Mosberg found himself in a sweltering, airless cattle wagon [on a train], also bound for Auschwitz. However, when the transport arrived, it sat on the rails for a night, because “they were too busy at the crematorium [where bodies were burned]. So they never unloaded us and they took us [instead] to Mauthausen.”

End quote from news article

So what was it like in the Mauthausen prison?

My photo of the Mauthausen quarry

After working in the Mauthausen quarry, the prisoners in the “punishment detail” had to carry a heavy rock on their backs, up the steps and out of the quarry. Only the prisoners in the “punishment detail” had to do this.

My photo of the Mauthausen stairs which the prisoners had to climb to get out of the quarry

[How did I mange to take the photo above, you ask.]

I hired a taxi to take me to the bottom of the stairs, early in the morning, before the Memorial Site was open to visitors. [So I cheated! Sue me!]

Begin quote from news article:

He [Ed Mosberg] worked in the quarry, where exhausted prisoners ascended and descended [the] 186 steps, carrying rocks weighing up to 50Kg. “If somebody stopped for a moment, they’d push them to their death. Or they’d beat you. Or they’d shoot you,” says Mosberg. “Mathausen and Gusen – they were the two worst concentration camps, and they were classified that way by the Germans.”

End quote from news article

Actually, the prisoners only had to carry one heavy rock out of the quarry, at the end of the day. And that was only if they were in the punishment group.

My photo of a rock carrier used at Mauthausen

You can read about the death statistics for the Mauthausen camp on my website at

You can read about the Jewish prisoners at Mauthausen on my website at

I have a section about the town of Mauthausen on my website at

When I was doing research on Mauthausen, I was told by many people, all of them Jews, that I should not go to the town because there were Jews waiting there to kill people and take everything that the visitors owned.

I decided to risk it anyway, and I found that the people in the town were the most friendly people that I had ever met. I’m glad that I stayed in the town.  You can see my photos of the town at

Global “Ransomware” attacks

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This morning, when I read the latest news on my computer, I was horrified to learn that there is now something called “ransomware”.

The following quote is from a news article which you can read in full at

Begin quote from news article

What Is Ransomware?

Ransomware is one of the most popular forms of online attack today. It typically begins with attackers sending their victims an email that includes a link or a file that appears innocuous but contains dangerous malware.

• Once a victim clicks on the link or opens the attachment, the computer becomes infected. The program encrypts the computer, essentially locking the user out of files, folders and drives on that computer. In some cases, the entire network the computer is connected to can become infected.

• The victim then receives a message demanding payment in exchange for attackers unlocking the system. The payment is usually requested in Bitcoin, a form of digital currency.

End quote

After learning about this latest computer problem, I quickly consulted a man who is a computer expert. He told me not to worry because my blog is backed up by WordPress, the company which hosts my blog. My website is backed up by the company that hosts my website.

I would advise all my readers to consult a computer expert, whom you trust, and then get everything on your computer safely backed up. If you fail to do this, you could be getting a call soon with a request for a payment of $300.